Eve Lorgen on Cosmic Switchboard Show with James Bartley

Mass Vaccinations and the Missing Link to Spiritual Discernment

Topics covered:

Eve Lorgen rejoins us at The Cosmic Switchboard Show to discuss the Lack of Spiritual Discernment within a significant amount of people. This was a wide ranging discussion touching on numerous topics including the current climate of Fear and Mistrust. This is a very timely interview with one of the great investigators and researchers of our Time.

In Part 2 Eve Lorgen discusses aspects of the Covid Mass Vaccination Program which is troubling and which may impact the population at the individual and collective Soul Level.It is more than our physical health we need to worry about. Eve discusses the Nanotech aspects of the vaccine.

Eve also discusses Project Looking Glass. The discussion veered into topics such as Alternate Realities and Future Timelines. This is a thought provoking discussion.

Bullet Point Subjects include:

The Alien Love Bite and False Twin Flame types of connections

Interdimensional and Milab Handling

Missing Links of Spiritual Discernment

Emotional Intelligence and Complex PTSD for anomalous trauma survivors

Self – Abandonment as Spiritual Warfare Strategy

Current Events related to what is proposed to be in the new vaccines for “that thing”.

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