Energy Dynamic Support Group

In this Zoom 6-week Online Support Group, Jennifer Foster (creator of the EDM) and Eve Lorgen will facilitate a group process of sharing, support and authentic connection. We will focus on awareness of our unique “Energy Dynamic”, so that we may build optimal energy states for healing unresolved issues in our lives. 

The EDM Support Group will be held starting Wednesday January 20, 2021, from 1-3 pm Eastern time (6-8 pm UK time) for two hours via Zoom Video conferencing.

The Benefits of this novel EDM inspired support group are:

  • Learning your personalized Energy Dynamic
  • Practice connecting in an authentic “feeling way” in relationships
  • Recognizing how you and others take in energy
  • Enhancing your mode of energy “feel” accessing in an optimal way—in a kind and humble way in the real world
  • How to rebuild your energy after having been involved with “emotional vampires” or narcissistic relationships or ill health
  • How to rebuild your energy and set boundaries from toxic people, so that you are able to truly heal and feel a sense of inner peace and contentment in life
  • How to psychologically survive during the lockdown by understanding EDM and utilizing your optimal energy dynamic wherever you are
  • Recognizing disguised grief and releasing it in a natural way
  • Connecting with the Universal Flow of Abundance by applying your optimal energy dynamic,  with faith and kindness in a humble way—in the Real World

In this group Jennfer Foster will individually assess your unique Energy Dynamic in a one to one session, which will be applied in Group Support and Sharing during this 6-week process.

This group has two parts for participation:

  1. Energy Dynamic Analysis and one to one session with Jennifer Foster—to be purchased via the EDM site at:

2. Support Group Participation and Sign-Up via Eve Lorgen’s web site at:

Go to Contact/Menu button via Pay Pal under Donation Button ( ie, $60.00 down payment for EDM Support Group, or $120.00USD for full payment of Group Portion.

The group has a maximum of 8 participants with 2 facilitators. In order to secure a spot for the group, it is recommended to either pay a partial payment of $60.00 via Jennifer’s site or Eve’s web site under the designated section with the note of “EDM Support Group”.

Total Cost for Group is valued at $240.00 USD to be paid in two basic portions:

  1. EMD site for Assessment: L 89.00 (for UK currency) portion pay at:

2. Support Group portion               : $120.00 USD 

pay at:

Payments can be made in full or at least a partial payment of $60.00 at either site with note that this is for the EDM group down payment.

Full balance is due 48 hours before first group meeting,  Jan.18, 2020

This group is on a first come first serve basis, and it’s recommended to put in partial or full payment to secure ones place in the group.

Free Introductory EDM Online Course by Jennifer Foster:

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