Discarnate Spirits Who Manipulate Relationships

A colleague sent me a link to a pdf book by Dr. Carl Wickland. He discusses how some relationships are manipulated by discarnate entities.

Back in 1924, Dr. Carl Wickland told in “Thirty Years Among the Dead” how discarnate intelligences were attracted to the magnetic light emanating from mortals. Consciously or unconsciously, certain entities attached themselves wherever possible to these auras, finding an avenue of expression through influencing, obsessing or possessing their victims. Less resistance was offered when the vital forces were lowered, allowing obtruding spirits to influence the “host” with their own thoughts and emotions, weakening willpower and contributing to mental confusion and distress.The discarnates are particularly interested in manipulating sexual relationships.

pdf link : http://new-birth.net/booklet/30_years_among_the_dead.PDF

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