I recently watched a youtube video of Mooji, (See http://www.mooji.org/biography.html) an awakened spiritual “teacher” in the lineage of Papaji, the renowned Advaita master from India, speaking with a self-righteous, well intentioned woman.

In this public Satsang talk in England, a young mother asked pointed questions to Mooji about the subject of how dangerous the condition of the planet is in now. She pressed on in a somewhat self-righteous manner her ideas of what she thought was a most pressing issue for all, vying for the audience’s agreement. Her innuendos pointed to Mooji the idea that not enough “spiritual leaders” seem to be taking the “saving the planet” issue seriously. By the way this woman was speaking to Mooji, I was taken aback by her brusqueness, frequent interruptions of Mooji and an undertone of blame and anger about this issue. To put it bluntly, this woman’s demeanor was a pain in the ass.

I’ve come across many people like this in my own practice. They are deeply concerned about the world we live in, the corruption, abuse, toxins, etc. And yet many are so hurt inside that they have not yet healed the wounds or got in touch with their own core Selves. As we connect more deeply to our own feelings, needs and spiritual nature, we develop a warm softness, wisdom and poise that people like Mooji demonstrate. Compassionate communication and Inner Empathy can help us learn these ways of connecting with our spiritual nature, through the heart.

(See https://evelorgen.com/wp/news/inner-empathy-and-compassionate-communication-course/, and https://evelorgen.com/wp/news/compassionate-communicationnonviolent-communication-skills/)

Mooji used such poise, firmness and wisdom in dealing with the woman’s pressing issue. He made the point that if we, as individuals, truly take the time and effort to know our own true selves–our true divine soul nature–then the issues that we think are so pressing naturally will resolve themselves as our own wisdom arises. We then have the wisdom and compassion to do what needs to be done in a wiser more efficient manner. We can use our own passions to do what we feel is helpful, but at the same time, it is best done when one has awakened sufficiently so that we do not do things in a frustrated, manipulative, self-righteous manner. This is a video clip worth watching closely, not just for the content of the discussion but the way in which Mooji deals with a difficult, frustrated person.

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