Dan Winter has a fascinating theory of how and why DNA “implodes” to activate the ability to become psychic-telekinetic, and extend consciousness throughout time and space. Enlightenment capability perhaps.

In this eight part series, he describes the physics of DNA implosion theory and how this figures into the ability to become essentially enlightened. He did not use these terms, but related it more to psycho-telekinetic, time traveling, star navigating abilities. He also states that the enslavement of a race-such as humans–causes a chaotic reaction in the gravitational field of the planet. Thus, the more enslaved a race is, the more chaos their physical environment is in terms of earthquakes, disasters, etc. Not only is the imprisonment the cause of earth chaos but can instigate the instabilty of entire star systems. The right kind of DNA supposedly is needed for stability of star systems. It is used to seed and stabilize star systems. This DNA must be able to implode. Those who have this ability can express compassion, psychic abilities and the ability to become enlightened. Those who don’t have this DNA implosion ability lose their ability to be ensouled, compassionate and psycho-telekinetic.

In this fascinating series of of Daniel Winter’s, he explains the theory of DNA “implosion” ability, and how this aspect of DNA, both human and alien genetics, is part of the reason for the whole war on humanity, alien abductions, genetic manipulation, etc. The bad Nephilim are a genetically defunct strain of dragons whose DNA implosion ability is not operable, which means they degenerate, lose compassion, cannot evolve or become enlightened or become time traveling star-stabilizing navigators of a particular kind. Dan Winters explains a thorough (yet complicated) history of the Dragons, Annunaki, Egyptian connection, Greys, and humans with the “psychoactive” psychokinetic abilities, which are the highly prized genetic strains of humans. These humans tend to get abducted by aliens alot. The red haired ones in particular are supposedly descendants of the Lyrans who had a high telekinetic psychoactive “DNA”. Some of these races became free and escaped the matrix and some died off in earlier galactic wars.

Some of his material is complex, but it explains alot in terms of how to understand why some genetic strains cannot “ensoul”, or have a soul and hence degenerate. (ie.,the bad Nephilim) This is supposedly due to lack of DNA implosion capability.

The “secret strain” of DNA implosion capability with high telekinetic abilities was a human-alien bloodline experiment that started with the ancient Enlil character of Annunaki history. It’s quite a story. It is also why the Illuminati are always so obsessed with the star fire female menstrual blood and also the red haired psychokinetic bloodlines, those that they want–to control.

The bad Nephilim lines want to control or eliminate this human DNA strain which has the DNA implosion capability. These people have the ability to escape the matrix and become enlightened and are “properly” ensouled, so to speak.This DNA implosion ability may have originated with earlier ancient strains of humanity. The Nephilim want to control it for their own purposes which is not good for us humans who want to get out of this matrix of alien control.(It’s ruining our planet–as we can see now.) The ones (in my opinion) who don’t have a soul as we do–use our souls as batteries to keep their mind-genetic memories alive. This is what Dr. Corrado Malanga calls the “Active Alien Memories” that aliens implant in human abductees. We are their form of immortality–as long as they entrap our souls, and imprison our planet, that is. It looks like their DNA is defunct because they lost the ability to be ensouled. Or vice-versa.

It is believed that some genetically tampered DNA human strains are losing their ability to be ensouled because the vibrational frequency of their DNA will not accept the human soul.

Note:* View with discernment. In Dr. Corrado Malanga’s work, most–if not all alien beings both corporeal and incorporeal seek to parasite the human being for purposes of soul takeover and a kind of vampirism. According to Malanga, not all humans have DNA that is compatible with the Soul frequency, and this compatibility issue he proposes may be due to the mitochondrial DNA. This is why so many abductees can trace back their abduction histories through the matrilieal line.

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