During this time, (Late Winter and Spring 2020) locally and globally, many people have been mandated (some are in martial law already) to stay at home and limit social distancing to prevent possible infection with the Corona Virus. Now, more than ever, anxiety and depression have hit an all time high, especially if you are alone, have reduced income or have a compromised immune system. Or worse–what if you are stuck in quarantine with a “narcissistic” room mate, partner or family member? What do you do and how can you cope during this time?

This post actually has two functions:

  • To ease concerns about ones situation during this “pandemic” with news and latest theories on the “current situation”. Narcissistic Abuse suggestions when in quarantine and news on our upcoming “Love Bite Support Group“, beginning Thursdays, May 14 through June 11, 4:30-6:30 pm Eastern Time Zone. (Six Weeks) Payment to be through Lauda Leon’s web site at sovereignki.com.
  • Price is $240.00 USD for 6 weeks, due by the week before first group. (Can pay or put in downpayment to secure space now.)
  • To share my updated web site (in progress) post and new subscriber system. I will be starting from scratch a new Mail Chimp newsletter format. Any subscribers to my former newsletter must resubscribe within my updated web site subscription form. When this is ready to go I will send out another post.

Finding the real facts about the Covid-19 virus and its mutations can be found in some scientific articles and researchers as well as the CDC web site. I have found some articles and videos to be especially insightful, although I encourage all to do their own research from multiple sources as well as genuine witness testimonies of anyone having gotten ill with this virus.

Noteworthy Links and Information on CV-19 and related topics:

Dr. Francis Boyle has several YouTube presentations on the origin of Corona Virus including references to scientific studies which predated its “outbreak” in Wuhan, China.

Dr. Judy Mikovits on Truth of Dr. Fauci:

Conspiracy Theories Behind the Pandemic:

When you are in Quarantine with a Narcissist–How to Cope: Dr. Ross Rosenberg:

Next Love Bite Support Group is planned to begin sometime in May 2020. Myself and Lauda Leon will update specifics soon.

Lastly, I would like to remind people who are going through this difficult, confusing and scary time, to practice calming the mind, healthy exercise routines in a safe environment, organic clean, mostly vegetarian eating and refrain from bloody meat products like pork or adrenochrome products(LOL!). Listen to happy and joyful music and to remember humor lightens up even our darkest moods and fears.

Awaken with JP Comedian-Coronavirus—why you should panic more:

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