Jonathan Adampants– “The Healing Begins Now”

In this 4 hour recording, Jonathan Adampants, a spirit connected truth speaker, discusses how his connection to Source Creator communicates pure truth, through intuition. Intuition of Source “truth” is a natural process of the beingness of Love which will communicate its intention through models and metaphors in nature.

The emphasis of this talk is how “cancer” is not only a physical representation of “separation consciousness” of fear, anger and “illusion”, (i.e.., separation from Self/Source/God), but it is also an archontic kind of loveless consciousness, which seeks to devour all else unto itself as the only beingness, because it “doesn’t know “ it is separated from Source. It’s identity is all it knows and seeks to draw unto itself like a “cancer” of immortality that ultimately will destroy its host like a parasite. Jonathan even describes how “cancer consciousness” will employ seduction, deception and control to achieve its own ends of “takeover”, much like “evil” does.(Sound familiar?) It offers its magical feats of “power” and immortality to take over the cells and tissues of the body, but in the long term it will destroy its host and ultimately disconnect the host from the Source of life itself.

When we have trauma in life, the shock of this trauma can cause a dissociation and separation of parts of the soul from its own core connection to “Source/Love/God”. This separation results in fear, and all manner of negative emotions and an illusion of separation, where “another consciousness” takes over, which is really “anti-life”. Love is really the answer, and yet it is not so easy when separated consciousness is shocked into a self protected “program of falsehood” which keeps it from realizing and remembering its own Source of being. This is cancer consciousness. Or, we can also say it is a metaphor for Archontic consciousness which is sweeping the planet with all manner of artificial intelligence of control systems that are literally trying to take over all organic life Source consciousness.

Luckily, organic Source Love is more powerful, and once we connect with this source of beingness of that which we already are, we will be able to overcome this dark wave sweeping the planet. It is a paradox in many ways, because once one really “gets it” by this direct connect to Source, healing is instantaneous and holographic. Not only does healing take place, but the awareness of the archontic infection is blatantly apparent, which can be quite a disturbing “shock” to those who awaken to this reality. Remember in the Gnostic tractates of the Nag Hammadi Library, where once someone becomes illumined with gnosis: “At first they will become disturbed”. Remember this, and know that you are not alone.

A  concerned man sent me, “The Healing Begins Now” youtube link audio recording, because after listening to Jonathan Adampants’ discussion of truth realizations of healing and the nature of realty, he became suddenly aware of a drastic shift in awareness. During this same time period the man also did a personalized pineal glad detox program. He became aware of what seemed to be the “predator-flying-fish” archontic parasites that have been described in Carlos Castenada’s work, as well as some of the images that Robert Stanley had on his web site of the flying fish, predator life forms. In his experiences, these forms could shift, and appear bug-like as well.

At the time he emailed me I was and usually am so busy I had no time to listen to the 4 hour recording, let alone a couple of hours. But for some reason I was compelled to speak to the man who sent me the recording. We talked on the phone about his newfound awareness of these predatory interfering parasites and what was happening and possibly why.

Instead of starting from the beginning of the talk, I listened to the last 45 minutes of Jonathan Adampants’ recording. I was so intrigued by this direct hit of “truth” that I went back and started from the beginning of the audio recording. The final part is deeply moving and describes a profound, spontaneous healing experience with a woman who had cancer, who was a talented singer, yet shy of singing in public. When the “hit” of Source Love pervaded their connected experience, a spontaneous healing occurred and the woman sang to him, beautifully and without reservation. Not only was her cancer healed, but her shyness to just living her joy of singing evaporated, without any reservation or shyness at all. I believe it all happened in a moment of I and thou Source connected realization on both of their parts.

Jonathan speaks about the true nature of reality and of the whole “cancer thing” from an atomic up to a macrocosmic scale, using parallels in nature and scaler dimensions of consciousness.(microcosm to macrocosm) He explains analogies in nature, in chemistry, biochemistry and physics. His experience of walking through the forest, grounding and communing with the trees is revelatory of how Source Love communicates through nature, and trees in particular are very good for this intuitive communication.

There is a huge difference between structure and source love intelligence of beingness that directs structure in nature. And our problems with disconnect from Source truth is due to the lies we are fed, traumas we endure and our society’s over emphasis on structure as opposed to Source Love.

When we wake up, we do realize the insanity of what is controlling the planet—this archontic “cancer consciousness” of separation from Love/Source/God.

Education—which is largely the matrix grid power control system, is a deceptive and seductive mind control system to encourage separation from Source and of Nature. It’s an overload of mind programming that can override ones heart and soul/Source intuition which needs no “memorization” or schooling. The separation mind-parasite programs of belief feed the “cancer consciousness” of non love. Once we can heal our “wounds of separation” that have occurred through trauma and connect with the intuitive nature of who we really are—then instantaneous healing can occur.

Even though this is a simple “understanding” that we can “get” on a conceptual level, to really BE IT is a rarity.

Healing from trauma takes a willingness and openness to face fears and uncomfortable emotions. It is directed  by the profundity of ones pain and is guided by the intention of Source Truth and Love. The mystery is how well one can “create the space” for quantum healing to take place. All I can say is that empathy and compassion must be present. And a strong desire and personal responsibility on the part of the person who wants healing must also be there. This is an important part of the healing and connection to Source process.

Being born into this world is like being thrown into a mean game of “pin the donkey”, except not only is one blindfolded and spun around, but we are shot at, lied to and tortured into conformity to “THE LIE” which constantly sends its vampiric tentacles out to lure us back into IT’S FALSE GAME of separation. Our internal guidance system of deep inner truth is what we need to reconnect to. Not outside authorities and systems of belief which keep entrapping us into believing science and rationality and “structure” is what it is all about. Nor is intuition defined by emotional triggers which set off false beliefs because of unresolved/unhealed traumas. Intuition is not about emotion, but can be arise with feelings and direct knowledge.

The guiding intelligence of LOVE itself and intuition can seem to be a mystery.

If you take time to listen to this entire talk, you may get alot of confirmation of your own intuition which cries out to be heard, and yet it can often get slammed shut by the programs and cancerous parasites of this world which constantly bite at your ankles.

Remember, you don’t need the approval of disconnected, archontic, infected minds. Let them be offended.

The game of Source Love is simple. Tag. You’re it!


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