Conferences, Radio Shows and Presentations

A reminder for the Conference in Philadelphia, April 25-27 (Thursday-Saturday). I will be presenting on Saturday morning on my book The Dark Side of Cupid.


I will also be presenting via Skype at a French conference Saturday May 4, 2013. The conference venue is focusing on the alien abduction and alien-human hybrid agenda.

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Here is the youtube link to our Skype Conference:

This is the updated video conference skype presentation:

Video Conference with Marc Ryo and Eve Lorgen:

Article about the conference on the French National ODH-TV and French Les Repas Ufologiques:


I will be interviewed on Other World Radio by Sandra Sabatini on Tuesday evening, May 7, 2013, 10 pm EST. We will talk about my work and more on the supersoldiers, milabs and alien abductions. When I get the youtube link or mp3 file I will update the links.

I will be presenting via Skype for the also. May 17-19, 2013. My focus will be on counseling, support and liberation methods for milabs, abductees and supersoldiers. When I get more specific time frames for the presentation I will update.


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