Boundaries and Healing from Narcissistic Abuse

In Anomalous Trauma much of what we see results from some form of narciscistic abuse, whether it is from a parent, sibling,  “Dark Cupid” love partner, cult abuse or even alien abductions and milab experiences. Narciscistic Personality Disorder is a common trait for psychopaths, ritualistic cult leaders, sexual abusers, mind control handlers and programmers.

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It is often the primary psychological profile for bad, “love bite” Dark Side of Cupid types of romantic or sexual partners and is what I believe, a fertile ground state for becoming “hosted” by some type of dark interdimensional entity such as a reptilian, draco or demonic being that “parasites” other people’s emotional and sexual life force energy. In Narcissistic Abuse Forums and information circles this energy vampirism is referred to as “narcissistic supply”.

Healing from such kinds of abuse can be a long process that may accompany complicated Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as well as mood disorders and health issues related to energetic chakra, meridian imbalances and extreme energy loss. In the links, videos and articles shown are helpful strategies for healing from narcissistic abuse, including ritual abuse. Melanie Tonia Evans created and developed a workable narcissistic abuse recovery system for those who have experienced abuse from love relationships and also family of origin woundings that have resulted in patterns of attracting narcissistic or abusive partners and people in their lives.

I was very impressed with the simplicity and effectiveness of Melanie’s healing program, which synthesizes, a “no contact” rule for interacting with the narcissist in question and what she calls a Quanta Healing Method that goes to the root of subconscious emotional wounds, and trapped energy and beliefs which are embedded in the psyche and the body from trauma. While this healing method does not necessarily acknowledge “abductions, milabs, targetted individual technologies, “love bites”  or even cult abuse, it does address going to the root of the subconscious programs and trapped emotional energy which keep the patterns of obsession, addictions, defenses, learned helplessness and repeated attractions to abusive relationships and situations in one’s life. In these three videos Melanie describes what is narcissistic abuse, why they behave the way they do, and how to heal from this inhumane, psychopathic type of abuse. A significant aspect of this is understanding the brain chemistry of the “peptides” that we addict ourselves to, which can keep “trauma-drama” a constant companion in our lives. Another important point to consider is that true personality disordered narcissists, psychopaths and fully hosted or possessed people rarely change, and trying to communicate truth, or get them to take responsibility, accountability or “play fair” in anything is unlikely. Trying to get them to change, see your point, empathize, understand or play fair or truthful “couples or relationship” communication does not work. For these people a complete disengagement of “no contact” is recommended so that your soul and life will not be destroyed.

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three: (Has some Quanta Healing exercises in this part)


The Importance of Boundaries

A very important aspect of healing and recovery comes from a re-learning of what boundaries are, and how to manage ones boundaries whether you allow too much in your space or not enough. Boundaries are one of the most poorly understood aspects of ones reality and not as easy to change as one would think. In this article Melanie defines boundaries and includes a very thorough check-list of typical behaviors one may or may not do, that indicate whether a boundary issue is present and needs to be addressed. One point to remember is that when we have an invasion of our boundaries, there is often something subtle at work energetically or even spiritually that is taking place, which may constitute what we call “agreements of entrapment”–so that others continue to take advantage of us, or we keep attracting difficult people in our lives who seem to take advantage of us in some way. Or we may do this to others because we are not fully aware of what it means to respect other’s boundaries because we have not yet healed or become aware of what behaviors “drive us”.

Another insightful interview with psychotherapist Sandra Fecht discusses the reality of multiple reports of Satanic Ritual Abuse, including the observations of “reptilian and dinosaur type beings” associated with some cult abusers. In her work, she employs alot of energy balancing, trauma resolution and natural healing methods to bring the clients energy and well being back into balance.

Why New Age Healing Modalities Don’t Work for Deeper Issues of Narcissistic Abuse

Melanie Tonia Evans also wrote an insightful article, based on personal experience–of why the “Law of Attraction” positive thinking beliefs are not fully effective for healing and changing deep seated patterns of abuse. There are deeper subconscious and spiritual laws at work, that must be taken into consideration when one explores the healing and sovereignty path.

Many of these deeper spiritual issues can be addressed by quantum healing modalities like Holographic Kinetics and modalities such as Dr. Corrado Malanga’s Liberation Techniques (See:  and of consciousness integration that works in the Eternal Now Spiritual aspect of being to clear trapped emotions, beliefs, patterns, interdimensional attached entities as well as implants, psychic cords and alien technologies.

A significant part of healing, recovery and personal sovereignty lies in releasing limiting belief systems and truly realizing that ones integrated consciousness of embodied being has all the power within to heal from old traumas. Even though we all live in a world where there are physical hardships, toxins and the natural aging process, we still can benefit greatly by understanding the true nature of how our own physical bodies and energy systems are designed to rebalance and heal. In the following video, Harald Kauz-Vella and Veronica Keen have a revealing discussion on the true causes of today’s diseases and imbalances that are created from a number of conditions that we can manage if we know how to do this. Knowing how to eat, how to detox, how to heal, what emotions to release, what limiting belief systems to let go of, we can come to a much more empowered place of being.

HKV and Veronica Keen, Aug.29, 2015    Phenomenal Health info:

Other tidbits of information I have come across about simple health and nutritional supplements that can strengthen ones immune system, brain chemistry and energetic sensitivities are trace mineral supplements, proper probiotic combinations in ones gut and also how Omega 3 oils can offset or even prevent psychosis

 Omega 3’s Can Help Prevent Psychosis:



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