Big Head–Octopus Like Negative Energy Beings and Manipulation Tactics

A friend brought an article to me written by Franz Erdyl, a healer from Costa Rica who works with many clients to remove negative energy attachments and assorted issues on an energetic level. This article describes what he calls,  “Big Heads“. These are dark, astral like beings who can enter via portals from another dimension. Psychically they can be perceived as having a huge head with tentacles dangling and reaching to many people–mostly women to suck energy. The Big Heads purpose is to encapsulate many people that are targeted for either energy vampirism or to suck the energy out of people and manipulate others associated with them so that certain projects cannot be completed. These Big Heads can negatively affect entire families, groups of individuals and projects related to healing, awareness and truth telling.

I recognize these patterns in my own work, and with others who have experienced constant sabotage, relationship manipulation via love bites, or Dark Side of Cupid dynamics, and even healers and light workers who suddenly become affected by these dark energy beings trying to sabotage their work, and the people associated with them and their projects. This is real. Some assert that these “Octopus-like Big  Heads” are associated with black magicians who target certain groups or individuals who are aware and raising consciousness in the world. People like healers, whistleblowers, those starting to wake up to the reality of alien interference, therapists, etc. So take heed. When something like this seems to be happening to you, don’t get caught up in guilt about bad karma or what you did to deserve this kind of harassment. It can happen to the best of us, and everybody in between. It seems to be part of the reality we are now living in at this time.

They are likened to a Lovecraftian creature known as Cthulhu:


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