In light of the radio show series I have been doing with Shattering the Matrix Blogtalk Radio with Ari Kopel and Serena this month, I wanted to put together a list of some of the best Milab Articles and Interviews done in the past decade and more by myself and also James Bartley. James Bartley will be joining me and Ari and Serena in a Part 2 of the Milab series radio shows.

I realized that because my web site is now in a Blog format, many of the “oldies but goodies” milab articles and interviews cannot be found unless one does a search on the exact title so they are not always “visible” to newcomers to my web site.

I have been researching and interviewing milabs and alien abductees and other survivors of anomalous trauma since 1996. James Bartley and myself met in San Diego back in 1994-5 while attending San Diego UFO Society and Mufon lectures. We started an abductee support and discussion group out of my home in Fallbrook, CA in the late 90’s shortly after the death of Dr. Karla Turner. Both James and I have known and corresponded with the late Barbara Bartholic and were inspired by the work of Dr. Karla Turner. We learned much from studying the less known aspects of the alien abduction syndrome and milabs, and much of what we learned back then was scoffed at and disregarded within the UFO research community. Much of this still is, but now I think things have changed a bit and more people are finally waking up to the reality of the alien , military and mind control black operation connection to this rabbit hole of a Pandora’s Box. The occult aspects are also prevalent especially when we delve into the reptilian and demonic aspects that unravel in many milabs experiences.

Some articles are by a few other authors or book reviews. I may not share 100% views of all authors nor them with me, but the material is still worth sharing.

Interviews and articles related to Milabs in preparation for Part 2 of Eve Lorgen’s Milab topic with Ari Kopel and Serena on Shattering the Matrix Blogtalk radio show scheduled  Saturday Aug. 24, 2013 9 pm EST. See Details on time and links on the Radio Page.

A Classic: Milabs_ A Pandora’s Box: Interview with Lilu:

Michael Relfe of the Mars Defense Project:

Secret Project Superwarrior Gone Rogue: Interview with Jared

Interview with a Milab Supersoldier Recoverd from Reptilian and military Mind Control:

Interview with White Wolf Von Atzingen:

Interview with Maarit A Scandinavian Milab:


Aliens as Transdimensional Parasites:

Another Relevant Classic by James Bartley and Eve Lorgen:

Unmasking the Disruptors:

Reptilian Military, Training and Command Systems in Milab experience

Forced Reptilian Baptism Ritual:

James Bartley’s interviews and articles:

Articles From James Bartley’s Website:

The Legacy of Barbara Bartholic:
[2011 Nov] What Would a Reptilian Controlled Planet Look Like? By James Bartley

[2009] A Primer on Military Abductions By James Bartley

My Location Displacement Experience by James Bartley

[2007] A Female Abductee’s Revelations Of Hybrid Infiltration by James Bartley

[2007] Interview with a Male Abductee about Reptilians and Hybrids by James Bartley



ON THE MARCH by James Bartley

Rebuttal to a Reptile in Human Clothing by James Bartley

Grand Strategy Of The Reptilians by James Bartley

Angelia Cardwell Milab:

Psychopaths and the Reptilian Agenda:

A Classic and Humorous Article by James Bartley: