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Narcissists & Gaslighting

Narcissists & Gaslighting

Interview of Eve Lorgen on Kinda Sound Radio with Shellee-Kim Gold The Kinda Detective Series In this interview Part 1, we discuss Narcissists, their behaviors, some of my first experience example of gaslighting within a work situation, definitions of Narcissists Behaviors, why and also the Hyperdimensional aspects which many people do not understand or ingore. […]

Honeysuckle Grace

by Eve Lorgen 5/19/21 I asked for a poem, prayer or song the Holy Spirit could send for those of this world who don’t belong. What essence of Love’s truth could pierce this harshness of times, hardened hearts and crushed souls confused minds seeking a Sign from the Divine. I pause and remember a sacred […]

Energy Dynamic Model Online Support Grou...

Energy Dynamic Model Online Support Group

In this Zoom 6-week Support Group, Jennifer Foster (creator of the EDM) and Eve Lorgen will facilitate a group process of sharing, support and authentic connection. We will focus on awareness of our unique “Energy Dynamic”, so that we may build optimal energy states for healing unresolved issues in our lives. The EDM Support Group […]

Toxic Masculine Programming: Panel Discu...

Toxic Masculine Programming: Panel Discussion

In this lively discussion, James Bartley, Eve Lorgen, Mary Ann Fisher and Bernhard Guenther share our professional and personal views of how toxic masculine programming manifests in a cascade of damaging beliefs and behaviors throughout society. We each share some of our personal experiences relating to interpersonal and “Father wounds” and what we encounter in […]