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Surrender, Self-Respect and Common Sense

Surrender, Self-Respect and Common Sense

I also want to point out that there is a false light programming going on in many New Age circles, and this needs to be distinguished from the true “Organic Light”. Highest wisdom is a rare treasure, and I’m certain that it involves a degree of self-respect for the person who chooses to surrender without compromising their emotional, mental and spiritual well being. Many of us make sacrifices for the ones we love, and that is noble. But what I am seeing with so many cases of influenced love connections, is a kind of “spell” that comes over the person.

Dealing with Self-Righteous, Well-Intent...

Dealing with Self-Righteous, Well-Intentioned People

I recently watched a youtube video of Mooji, (See an awakened spiritual “teacher” in the lineage of Papaji, the renowned Advaita master from India, speaking with a self-righteous, well intentioned woman. In this public Satsang talk in England, a young mother asked pointed questions to Mooji about the subject of how dangerous the condition of […]

Inner Empathy and Compassionate Communic...

Inner Empathy and Compassionate Communication Course

Jerry Donoghue of Asheville, NC offers online courses for Compassionate Communication and Inner Empathy. I have taken both courses and highly recommend it for anyone wanting to improve communication skills and deepen their own capacity for compassion for self and others. By developing and expanding our compassionate presence within, we deepen our own ability to […]

Compassionate Communication/Nonviolent C...

Compassionate Communication/Nonviolent Communication Skills

what I have observed in the UFO/Paranormal/Conspiracy and “Disclosure” oriented, truth seeking community is a basic unmet need for inner connection and empathy. Many of these individuals–whether they know it or not, are experiencers of anomalous phenomena such as alien visitations and paranormal experiences, harassment, etc. A connect between the logical rational mind and the heart intelligence is a necessary step to understanding and ultimately recovering from anomalous trauma.