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Breaking the Curse

Breaking the Curse

I walk on all fours; I lick my wounds.

I am the homeless dog-bitch roaming the tombs.

Sauntering to and fro,

entering yogi’s dreams I go.

Reviled and exiled, mocked and feared.

My outer actions and beliefs appearing weird—

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Lucid Bliss

Lucid Bliss

Oh what joy I’ve found in this lucid dreamscape so real.

It could be dreary, bizarre or sexually appealing.

How profoundly empowering this awakened dream!

Traveling through the veils of the in-between.

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Mr. Religiosity

Mr. Religiosity

He preached of love and the spiritual mysteries

While he wept, laughed and walked

amongst true friends in humbled embrace.

Our hearts he knew how to unlock!

His purity of spirit, a fountain of life,

Rather than abiding by the “Letter of the Law”—

Graced us with the Spirit of Truth,

So that we could discern spiritual truth versus lies!

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The Holy Kiss

The Holy Kiss

Oh how I long to indwell in your spirit!

Breathing your life, as we both share it.

Dancing in the heartbeat of your precious blood.

Where no evil can touch us; We are in heaven’s glove.

Surrounded by a holy kiss.

I remember your call,

That moment of bliss.

Your insistent softness of love,

Forgiveness of my debts, calling me your Beloved.

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Angel in Disguise

Angel in Disguise

The darkness of this world comprehends me not,

but I know you hear me Beloved, don’t you

know you’ve been bought

for a price?

The wisdom of the world and praise of men

catches many in His web again and again.

That is why I’ve come to you in disguise,

revealing my spirits’ truth to babes, hiding it from the wise.

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Unrequited Love

Unrequited Love

Time can be an avenging angel

to ones not of this world, such as we.

The test is always greater

for those who have spiritual eyes to see.

Unrequited love is death

to those not living the will.

But the angels are really rejoicing with me,

For it is God’s command that my heart be filled.

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