Category: Medical and Scientific Aspects of Alien Abduction

  • Evidence for Alien Abduction: Fluorescence Body Marks

    This article was donated by AJ and is inclusive of some of my own former research with fluorescence body markings following alien abductions. Images courtesy of For well over a decade, abduction experiencers have been discovering, much to their dismay, substances on their bodies post-abduction. Many of these fluoresce under certain types of lighting.…

  • Alien Jigsaw Website Back Online

    Here are some pertinent links that have been re-instated on the Alien Jigsaw Website. For a while it was down due to a “cyber stalking harassment” issue. So here are some good updates on Flouresence Markings in Alien Abduction Cases, and Steve Colbern’s (Associate of Dr. Roger Leir) work on alien implant analysis. Also included is…

  • The Physics of Abductions

    Dr. Malanga’s research explains, in detail, what is the problem of the alien interferences; it describes the main races which are responsible for such interferences; it analyzes the different levels of interference which can be internal or external for the abducted; it clarifies the interrelationships between different aliens, and between aliens and the groups for…

  • Fluorescence Findings on Various Body Sites of Abductees

    The primary fluorescence found on abductees is in the brilliant yellow-green region of the visible spectrum. A commercially obtained hand held UV Backlight was used to visualize fluorescence found on various body sites of abductees. These sites include:

  • Fluorescence Article Update

    In Katy Frankovich’s Lime Grove Encounters, she observed a brilliant green fluorescence seeping through the corners and sides of her living room walls from the ceiling and downward at the beginning of an alien encounter. The beings were the six fingered 4 and one half foot tall Grey aliens. The fluorescence infused a portion of…

  • Common Symptoms of Abduction – Chart

    By Eve Lorgen N = 22 (6 Males & 16 Females) Based on 19 US residents, 3 in UK and Australia. G= Genetic, E = either/ or, 1A = Abduction After Effect, N = Neither

  • Alien Implant Removals: Before and After Effects

    Dorothy forthrightly stated, “Many people in the UFO community have their head in the clouds and believe in an overly benevolent, fanciful spiritual philosophy. There is not enough critical analysis. I have learned more from one on one conversations with other abductees than from the public lecture circuit.”

  • Lucid Dreaming: A Psychophysiological Approach to an Ancient Spiritual Practice

    Lucid dreaming takes place in REM sleep. It is characterized by a higher amount of CNS (central nervous system) activity than normal, non-lucid REM sleep. Normally in REM sleep the critical faculty of the brain is switched off. More specifically, the aminergic neurons in the brainstem are at their lowest levels in REM sleep. The…

  • The Afterglow of the Alien Abduction Experience: Fluorescence Markings Found on Claimants of Alien/ET Contact

    The findings were startling. The primary fluorescence found on abductees following an abduction appeared in the yellow-green region of the visible spectrum. Body sites included portions of the arms, shoulder, ears, breasts, legs, hands, chin, chest and even inside the mouth. Most of the fluorescence was subdermal.