Category: Emotional and Psychic Vampirism

  • Psychic Vampires – Video

    This is a short video clip discussing real psychic vampirism. It also shows real kirlian photography photos of the aura energy field around psychic vampires and those they vampire energy from.  

  • Compassionate Communication Skills

    I have personally taken the Compassionate Communication course by Jerry Donoghue in Asheville, NC and can attest to its effectiveness, ease and simplicity without getting into complicated “psychobabble”.

  • Robert Bruce on Emotional Vampires

    I have read Robert Bruce’s new Psychic Self Defense Guidebook and he is an excellent practitioner in understanding psychic self defense. He also talks about Emotional Vampires on his web site. “…When another person cuts you off, slights you, snubs you, gets one over on you, or betrays you in some way, it makes you…

  • Emotional Vampirism

    A parasite can feed off you mentally, emotionally or energetically. I refer to these people collectively as emotional vampires. And when you are around them, you may feel physically tired, drained, sleepy, weak, agitated, low, small, inadequate, low spirits, hopeless, trapped or afraid.