Category: Emotional and Psychic Vampirism

  • Eve Lorgen on In Other News Podcast with Geoff Brady

    Part One Synopsis/Overview on Other Than News with Geoff Brady”  PART 1 : We’ve edged further out on the limb exploring the facets of non humans living among us masquerading as humans – living among us as a dominant parasitic class. In the last interview with Carissa Conti, her research filled in more missing pieces…

  • Toxic Feminism & Divine Goddess Programming Panel

    Toxic Feminism & Divine Goddess Programming Panel

    This is a discussion panel which took place in late January 2020 and posted on 2/12/020 presenting: Eve Lorgen: Laura Matsue: Kelsea Rai: Mary Anne Fisher: Facilitated by: James Bartley: The subject is “Toxic Feminism & Divine Goddess Programming.” This is an important  and timely topic. Many women in the New…

  • The New Predator

    The New Predator*(see below note on the origin of this term) topic has been long awaited and is something that needs to be disclosed because of its extreme lethality, toxicity and spiritual danger. In some respects, the New Predator has qualities of a classic Dark Side of Cupid, “alien love bite” dynamic, but presents with…

  • Predatory Parasites and Online Sex

    This is an article written by a 31-year old Finnish woman who wishes to tell her story of how she protracted a predatory interdimensional parasite through cyber sex. The reason I am sharing this testimony is because the lethality of these types of predatory parasites seem to be especially physically draining. I believe these same…

  • Soul Mates, Twin Flames or Love Bite?

    This Article appeared on Wake Up World Website on 11/29/014 Soul Mates, Twin Flame or Love Bite? By Eve Lorgen 11/26/014 Have you ever had a love connection with someone so strong, you believed they could be your soul mate or even a twin flame? Did this person who you thought to be “the…

  • Reptilian Hosting and Strip Clubs

    This is an article, based on a recent report I received regarding a reptilian hosting situation.  The woman observed this situation to be ongoing with her soon to be “ex-husband” for many years, and in her estimation, was due primarily to a psychic cording, linking and reptilian attachment that originated when her husband repeatedly visited…

  • Shadowlands Voyager Interview Now on Youtube

    This was a unique interview in that we were able to discuss many women’s issues, the healing journey, facing the shadow, Patriarchy’s deceptions, false gods and how this all relates to the alien interference and soul energy vampirism in this world.

  • Video Interview of Eve Lorgen with Jon Kelly

    Energy vampirism when viewed from a shamanic perspective, can open our eyes to the unseen entities which may be responsible for this form of “paranormal interference” and soul energy feeding.

  • Off Planet Radio Interview of Eve Lorgen Now on Youtube

    Radio Show interview of Dark Side of Cupid book, research.

  • Paranormal Romance: The Real Deal

    f you’ve ever thought you have met your soul mate but were baffled by magical omens, paranormal activity and exhausting emotional drama, you may first want to do a background check on Cupid’s evil twin.