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Alien Imposition: RISE Round Table Discu...

Alien Imposition: RISE Round Table Discussion

I will take part in a Round Table Discussion on the issue of Alien Imposition on Saturday July 12, 6 pm Eastern time. Presenters include, George Kavassilas, Tom Montauk, Carissa Conte, Laura Lee Mistycah and myself. See the link below to find out more or sign up to be an interactive participant in this riveting […]

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Serbian Article on Faeries, Dragons, Wit...

Serbian Article on Faeries, Dragons, Witchblood and Meteors

This article was passed on to me by a Serbian researcher and experiencer named Vladimir. He was featured in an article in December 2012 regarding his SIMBAD results here: The original author of this English translation of the Serbian article entitled “Faeries, Dragons and Witchblood” is Radimir Ristic. Radimir is an author of a […]

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Karla Turner Articles-Abductions in the ...

Karla Turner Articles-Abductions in the Gingerbread House

These articles were contributed by AJ. Alien Abductions in the Gingerbread House by Karla K. Turner, Ph.D. World renowned UFO researcher Jacques Vallee has repeatedly referred to the similarities between UFO and abduction reports and the stories of folklore and fairy tales. I disagree with Dr. Vallee on many, many points of ufology, but here I […]

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Comments on the “Monsters and Mysteries”

Comments on the “Monsters and Mysteries” Episode: Aliens Cloned my Husband, Betty and Barney Hill Abduction and Alien Matrix.

It took me several days to calm down enough to state my opinion on how the Destination America, Monsters and Mysteries show presented my views on the Alien Matrix aspect of the Alien Abduction/MILAB Phenomena. It was not just the misrepresentation, but the lack of adequate and balanced discussion on the topics of the show. […]

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TV Show Appearance on Destination Americ...

TV Show Appearance on Destination America, Monsters and Mysteries

I will appear as one of the interviewed alien abduction researchers on Monsters and Mysteries TV Show. The name of this Episode is entitled, “Aliens Cloned my Husband (Gloria Hawker case) , Alien Matrix (Eve Lorgen interview) and the Betty and Barney Hill Alien Abduction. Air time is normally Sundays at 10 pm but this episode […]

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Interview of Eve Lorgen by Corvo in Engl...

Interview of Eve Lorgen by Corvo in English

1/27/014 This is a written interview of me from an Italian colleague and researcher/author named Corvo. This interview is originally in Italian and can be found at: An earlier post in Italian regarding my work and book, “The Love Bite” can also be found at: 1) Eve , thank you for accepting this interview . […]

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Updated Triad Color Test by Dr. Corrado ...

Updated Triad Color Test by Dr. Corrado Malanga

In fact, at the same time in which the three spheres of the triad acquire every color, merge and achieve the perfect transparency, they have not only integrated into a unique essence of consciousness as irreversible but are never separated in the axis of time. The quantum wave functions of past and future collapse in the present, this giving reality only to it. In this context, if the total consciousness is reconstructed, it as never divided before, but if consciousness has never been divided no one has ever been able to manipulate it. This causes experimentally, in the instant of of the fusion, that everything abduction related disappears, all the memories of the past adductions are gone, all microchips that an abductee has in the body ceases to exist, all copies of the adductee have never been made.*

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Alien Apocalypse–Radio interview with Co

Alien Apocalypse–Radio interview with Corvo

A colleague of mine named “Corvo” is an author and researcher in the area of Ufology, Extraterrestrial Encounters, the Abduction Phenomenon and the Occult. He recently released the book Aliene Apocalypse,( in Italian) and I have a written interview with him on my web site at: As an adjunct to Corvo’s written interview, he has […]

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Owl Synchronicities, UFO Experiencers an...

Owl Synchronicities, UFO Experiencers and Reverse Speech Analysis

Owl synchronicities are quite common within the UFO/ET experiencer population. Owls  have also shown up in reverse speech analysis years ago, by a former colleague and experiencer named Pat Mason back in 1998. I also interviewed Reverse Speech Expert David Oates in 1998 for a British magazine called Alien Encounters Magazine. The article is entitled, “The […]

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