Twin Flame Soul Harvesting: Interview of Eve Lorgen with Judith Kwoba

Judith Kwoba’s channel information and interview description:


Twin Flames and Soul Harvesting

Eve Lorgen and I explore the twin flame concept and its pitfalls. In the second part of the interview, we will focus on soul harvesting and soul fragmentation.

I noticed sound distortions in the Odysee video and embedding difficulties. My apologies for this, so check the Telegram Alien Love Bite channel for the link.

A portion of the first hour (There was also of sound issues in the Odysee recording) is about a case of a woman who was initially in a bible dooms day type cult, later joined a seemingly wholistic positive “healing spirituality group” after leaving a toxic narcississtic abuse situation. Then another false Twin Flame love bite ensued with a predatory hosted guru type with the classic ascended master new age narratives so commonly assumed to be benevolent and true. The hosted Guru had a being called El Moyra who was not what they presented themselves to be, as the woman Grace discovered after doing a deep dive into her own healing and shadow work related to the false, twin flame fiasco, loosh feeding con operation so often found in New Age Spirituality Circles.

  • Twin flames & soulmates
  • You are not half a soul
  • Twin flames or Stockholm Syndrome?
  • Narcissistic abuse
  • The 5D myth
  • Nazi dark fleet
  • Sacred priestess/harlot programming
  • Mental & emotional imbalance leads to soul fragmentation
  • Forced identities, the superimposed overlay

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Full interview:

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