By Eve Lorgen

Can aliens or the demonic forces working behind them take our souls from us? There is great concern amongst Christians (and others) whether the alien abduction phenomena is inherently demonic. And if so, what does that mean for the souls of abductees?

To address this controversial issue, we need to arm ourselves with the knowledge of God, and realize our true relationship to the divine—as humans. To create an analogy of the alien abduction process let me provide an allegory:

A thief has crept in our house unawares, while we are sleeping. The thief has scoped the house out for quite some time—even generations—taking note of our most valuable possessions. Our library collection is targeted, as is our water supply. The thief’s ultimate prize is the living waters inside the house. The library contains knowledge fit for a King. A powerful King who has legions of armies at his command. The water supply keeps the dweller healthy and alive, unless of course, it becomes contaminated and eventually shut off–or damned up for the robbers hijacking operation.

The robbers infect the library with counterfeit doctrines, so that confusion reigns and the dweller forgets that he is the son of a great King. In fact, he believes that Kings and Queens are a thing of the past, even blasphemous. After all, one of his counterfeit books told him so…Furthermore, when the dweller awoke from time to time from a nightmare about getting his house ransacked, he disregarded the dream with trendy psychobabble, or perhaps that pizza he ate last night.

The thief is laughing his head off, because the dweller’s house has now been thoroughly bugged. The robber is a professional liar and hit man. He won’t ransack the house all at once. Instead, he will secure his target while he is sleeping, lock into place his implants and siphoning devices, then sit back and allow his sleeping target to produce purified water for him. Why? Because the thief polluted his own water supply, by damning it up until it became completely contaminated and unfit for life. As long as the dweller remains asleep, confused and locked into place, the thief has complete control over him. Even if the dweller awakens, he realizes he is in occupied territory of the enemy. Resistance is met with severe punishment. Unless of course, the dweller cleans out his library, studies his true Kings history and realizes his inheritance.

Sometimes a parable is the best method to get a point across. At the same time, once we awaken to the reality of being in “enemy occupied territory” we need assistance in reclaiming our own waters of life. One point I’d like to get across is that today, many of our own people– even believers—have been born into occupied territory. Because the enemy and his pawns have exchanged the truth for a lie for such a long time, the people in occupied territory do not even know their true history or the state of bondage they are in. Their condition of ignorance is so great they do not realize there is a better world outside of their “Drug Lord” occupied neighborhood. Entire doctrines and belief systems have been created to explain and justify the quality of life in the “Hood.” Doctrines replete with necessary suffering, powerlessness, separation from God and the notion that true love is an illusion. And so on and so forth.

Becoming free from the clutches of the Drug Lords is a step by step process that can be achieved even in the worst of neighborhoods. The strategy of becoming a free King and Queen is still within our grasp as long as we stay a human connected to our true life source, God.

In spiritual allegorical terms the first step is to awaken to “The Song of Soloman.” The Beloved King comes as a Shepherd in disguise. We are to be married to Him—become One with Him. But we cannot meet him until we awaken and break free from the watchmen and guardsmen of the city. The watchmen are the agents of the counterfeit spirit, the alien collective hive mind, the robbers of our soul.

Parables are lovely, but what we need now for those in occupied territory of alien abductions and mind control are specifics. In my next article I will address a step by step process of unlinking from the strongholds of the counterfeit spirit. Those who have undergone deliverance, or spirit releasement from alien manipulation and mind control can best describe their strategy. It is important to note here that knowledge of the truth must be sought after with diligence.

Breaking free of the alien menace is a process that can span many years, perhaps generations. We are all in occupied territory of the enemy ( Satan’s world) not just victims of mind control and abductions. As long as we heed the warnings of our Beloved, we have hope in regaining our birthright.

*Editors note 9/25/011

Other faiths are cognizant of the basics of spiritual warfare as well. It is my belief that the aliens or those interdimensional beings acting behind this mask, seek to hijack the soul essence energy from us in such a way as to weaken our connection to our soul power. They may do this via sophisticated technology such as “implants” as well as deception regarding their true nature. We can strengthen our soul connection from their hijacking “vampirizing” system by therapies such as spirit releasement, shamanic soul retrieval, hypnosis and Dr. Corrado Malanga’s Flash Mental Simulation or FMS:

The abductee must have a strong intention to strengthen their soul connection, and work on releasing their attachment to the aliens as benefactors.


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