Spiritual Warfare and the “Alien Love Bite”

By Eve Lorgen

Manifestations of spiritual warfare are evident within the alien abduction phenomena. As a UFO and abductions researcher of over 15 years, I found it disconcerting that these basics had been largely ignored in the UFO field. Mention of spiritual warfare from a Christian perspective was frowned upon as if an element of shame was associated with traditional Christian beliefs.

The respectable God has now become Science, or worse, a generic form of humanistic psychology. All human ills are self-created by our own “demons” or unresolved psychological issues. All evil in the world is due to mans’ own selfishness, greed and fear. Surely, if we were spiritually evolved enough, bad things wouldn’t happen to us. (Like negative alien abductions?) *See editors note at end of article.

And so the argument goes. If one can see with spiritual eyes, these hive minded beliefs negate the reality of spiritual warfare-not to mention the true essence of the human soul. Perhaps a dose of the Old Testament story of Job may catalyze the blinded ones to see what this story has to offer. Can anyone see here how the above arguments are contradictory to the basic element of compassion? I believe there are higher mysteries at work that are meant to keep us in a humble state of compassion for the suffering of others.

Satan (or the mind controlled belief systems humanity is fed through religious manipulation) has a clever knack of passing the blame all upon humans for their “miserable condition”. But if we look closely, we can see Satan’s devices at work through the deception, manipulation and control of humanity.

Now, when we look at some of the inner workings of the alien abduction experience, we can see the methodology of spiritual warfare at work. Let me provide you with a few examples. When I began working closely with abductees and survivors of anomalous trauma, such as Satanic ritual abuse and mind control victims, I saw a pattern emerging that I called “truth detracting” elements of the alien abduction phenomena. Things happened in a far too coincidental manner that prevented the truth seeking abductee from gaining knowledge of their condition. Things such as sudden chaos and fighting at home before attending a support group, lecture or visiting a therapist. (Demonic and psychic attacks are common) Sudden headaches, inexplicable body pains and illnesses that interfered with the abductees meeting together or sharing information. Auto accidents, bizarre phone, computer and electrical coincidentally happened which severed communications with a researcher, therapist or other truth seeking abductees.

I realized the extraordinary effort it took to even bring together a group of abductees on a consistent basis-so that useful information could be shared regarding the alien’s activities. Prayer was helpful, but it took a concerted effort on the part of myself and my support group members to meet and share this knowledge.

The weaklings dropped off like flies. These were the persons who were manipulated and controlled so heavily, that they could never get to the root of their abduction experiences. The alien orchestrated distractions combined with their own self-sabotaging behaviors kept them from accessing knowledge of the truth. Only the hard core, truth seeking, spiritual warriors were able to offset the constant barrage of distractions-the flaming arrows of the evil one.

This was the first stage of spiritual warfare. These distractions were effective for most abductees from getting to the core issues of their alien abduction memories. Deeper levels of spiritual warfare presented itself as “reprisals” to the abductee and/or researcher after any truthful information was shared in support group or during counseling sessions. These reprisals often took the form of abductions, verbal threats in vivid dreams, or virtual reality scenarios where something terrorizing or painful was done. For example one female abductee reported that she was told in an abduction that if she continued to pursue her abduction memories and specifically her love bite set up, her family would be killed.

And you wonder why so many abductees do not want to speak or share their testimonies publicly? That is one reason– namely reprisals, not only from their alien or milab human handlers but from the public.

Oftentimes an alien manipulated “Love Bite” relationship was set up as a distraction to prevent an abductee from “breaking their alien programming” and recalling their true abduction experiences. In this instance, the Love Bite obsession was used as a neutralization tactic to prevent healing and growth of the truth seeker. But in my research, alien orchestrated love obsessions appeared to serve several purposes and alien motives.

Abductees caught up in Love Bite relationships share these basic symptoms:

  1. Vivid dreams or abduction experiences with a target love partner, where sexual, romantic and/or emotional connections are made. Then the abductee may meet this target partner months or years after the abductions.
  2. A heightened empathic and psychic link with the targeted partner.
  3. An increase in paranormal activity concerning the alien chosen mate, such as spontaneous remote viewing, telethesia, astral sex and synchronicities.
  4. A love obsession develops with concomitant increase in sexual drive for one or both partners.
  5. A switching off and “emotional unplugging of one partner, leaving the other pining away in unrequited love.
  6. Emotional highs and lows and correspondent physical fatigue and exhaustion.
  7. Increase in alien abduction related activity and paranormal activity. This may include stage-managed dreams, virtual reality scenarios and physical abductions.

The more sensitive, aware abductees could discern when the alien “intelligence” implanted thoughts and compulsions in them. For example, subtle telepathic suggestions to fantasize about their love bite partner, or to do things that they ordinarily would not do, like committing adultery and lying, just to meet the target partner, one more time.

The thing that concerned me the most about the love bite-and alien abductions in general–was the emotional chaos and physical exhaustion the person went through. It was as if a portion of the life energy was being siphoned off the abductee for alien use. More specifically, it appeared as if the aliens were farming us for a specific type of cosmic, sexual and “soul” energy. The Love Bite hypothesis could explain how the alien beings were exploiting the human soul. But there are other aspects to the “how” and “why” of human soul exploitation, and entrapment.

Although my theory was a bit simplistic, I had a rough sketch of how demonic alien intelligences were attempting to deceive, manipulate, and entrap human souls. Further research indicated that there are specific methodologies for human soul oppression and even “consumption.” These alien activities are alluded to in various biblical and Gnostic scriptures. In these ancient texts, the terms used to describe these beings are under different names, such as Jinn’s, incubi, succubae, demons, fallen angels, Nephilim, and the multifarious array of powers, principalities, and ruling Archons under the authority of Yaltabaoth himself.

What we are seeing within the contemporary alien abduction and mind control scene is nothing more than high technology human soul slavery.

*Editors Note: In Buddhist thought, all that occurs in our life are projections of our own mind stream due to “karma”. In popular New Age thought however, this basic teaching is manipulated so that anyone who has had negative experiences that created fear and trauma are now pigeonholed as “fear based” spiritual retards. (This is very prevalent in the UFO community) And so are many alien abductions researchers who are bold enough to reveal the darker side of the alien abduction and milab phenomena. This kind of manipulated thinking is about as logical as stating that a marriage counselor is a fear based spiritual degenerate for helping couples work through “negative issues”. Compassion for the suffering of others is often lacking in popular New Age thinking, and the covert “no talk rule” about anything fear based or negative is swept under the carpet. For true healing to occur in ourselves and others, the light of awareness must shine on the darkness and transform it.


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