The Man-Child and Princess Programming

Eve Lorgen on Judith Kwoba’s Nightflight

Description of YouTube Discussion:

“Puer aeternus (Latin for ‘eternal boy’; female: puella aeterna; sometimes shortened to puer and puella) in mythology is a child-god who is forever young. In the analytical psychology of Carl Jung, the term is used to describe an older person whose emotional life has remained at an adolescent level (not to be confused with “Peter Pan syndrome”.

Topics Of Interview:

In today’s culture the Rites of Passage for being a man/father/warrior/protector get stunted. 

Intergenerational War causing Multigenerational Trauma

Addictions, violence, unavailable husbands and fathers, traumatized and needy women

Enmeshed mothers who use their children or sons for emotional connection needs

Cultural conditioning to normalize immaturity and abusive interpersonal patterns

 For women, ie., “You have to Kiss alot of Frogs to get the Prince or a decent man”

Lack of male mentor, sage, warrior-protector figure

A vignette of the creation of the “golden child narcissist male”

Personality Styles likely to make the “Hero Journey” and do the therapy and shadow work

Narcissists will most likely NOT do the healing work

Early warning signs of emotionally stunted relating styles in adulthood

Pete Walkers CPTSD descriptions, Fight/Flight/Freeze/Fawn

Religion or psychology alone often miss the important aspects of true healing. 

Why love and forgiveness of a toxic person is not enough for healing, you need to set boundaries, and let them go.

Purposeful engineering of immaturity of culture

Psychological and spiritual manipulation of humanity

Archon Agenda

Jung’s quote, ”The secret conspiracy between mother and son to help to betray life” ?

Is this the enmeshment of the mother with Golden Child son—who in turn becomes the narcissist?”

Overarching Mothering protection of the Son/Boy (whose father is absent?)

The lack of men taking charge in crises, times of change, where are the Men?

Lack of male socialization and connection in the age of digital communications and careers

The Bill Gates and Zukerberg “aspy” man-boy archetype

 Are these the results of the evil alien “Breeding out of the Love Program” as Barbara Bartholic told us years ago?

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