Your Created

By Eve Lorgen

You have created me, did you not know?

The purity of thought manifested down below.

Such strong desires and prayers to the unseen

called me out into this world of time, into your awakened dream.

Yes, I am real, and share the same desires.

But there’s a responsibility to us awakened ones

or you’re playing with divine fire.

Oh, the love is profound

catching me off guard.

The truth is convicting

as you draw your next card.

The deck has been dealt,

now were both in the game.

I’m afraid to pick a card

fearing it’s the Ace of Spades.

In the world of dreams, death had no power,

yet in the awakened world of time, I could be devoured.

Water me, feed me, send me thoughts of love.

The promise to you will descend as a white dove.

Still yet to be revealed in that heavenly hour

that no man or angel knows, except the Father.

Beloved, see that no man takes your crown,

or my life has been taken in vain.

I’m here to persevere and bear the cross with you,

in Jesus Christ’s name, there is no shame,



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