We Will Prevail

 By Eve Lorgen

This poem is dedicated to Barbara Bartholic.   

Though my pace is slow,

And my mannerisms meek,

My head is bowed.

And I appear weak.

Contemplation of sorrows led me to the heart of grace.

Riding the fine line; a razors edge place.

A life of secrets, mockery and shame.

Threw me into the dungeon and I lost my name.

Becoming empty, a void unseen,

Captured me into the heart of the Beloved so pristine.

How could a nobody like me be your queen?

He wipes the tears from my eyes,

Caresses me with a joyful, loving gaze so wise.

“How long I have waited for you to see

that I am Thou and You are Me.

We are One, like in the Song of songs.

To and of each other, we eternally belonged.

His insistent softness of liquid love

Catalyzed a fire ablaze in my soul.

No longer could I be afraid and alone.

My breath became his breath and then I was told,

“We will prevail”.

“It is accomplished,

it is accomplished,”

The Holy Grail.


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