Unrequited Love

By Eve Lorgen

Oh Beloved, one in a million

how my heart aches for thee.

It was unmistakable, the moment of recognition…

as if my own spirit was drawing nigh to me.

I was willing to risk – the only life that I had,

even begging God to strike me dead.

If we cannot meet to somehow carry out God’s will,

then alone and without true love I must tread.

As the veil lifted, my soul awoke

to feelings of a thousand sorrows.

Like a dancer without a song, a wheel without spokes

my soul shall bleed for thee into the morrow.

Time can be an avenging angel

to ones not of this world, such as we.

The test is always greater

for those who have spiritual eyes to see.

Unrequited love is death

to those not living the will.

But the angels are really rejoicing with me,

For it is God’s command that my heart be filled.


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