True Heros

By Eve Lorgen —The Dog Poet

To the real heroes who have walked the path alone,

Whose voices were muffled; their unheard songs.

In a world of illusion where dark shadows reign,

Pure hearts who tell the truth are punished again.

Oh how long shall this madness rule with unending pain?

The torture, the suffering, is it all in vain?

One by one, a relay race to carry the torch.

A shared burden through time, lest one’s hand be scorched.

Stand firm and aware in spiritual warriors stance.

The black cloud is sweeping; resilience is not by chance.

In this dark time even angels dare to tread.

They will resurrect the still small voices from the dead.

We will not be forgotten.

We will not be ignored.

The truth will prevail.

We will march forward.

The chorus of the truth bears its name.

It wasn’t the popular crowd, of TV and you-tube media fame.

It was me, it was you, when we cried alone.

It was the still small voice the Beloved calls Home.


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