The Sorcerer’s Captive

 By Eve Lorgen 10/24/014


I have always loved you.

And I love you still.

What you didn’t know

The prison wardens plot to kill.


You think he is your ally—

while you shunned my soul’s intent.

Through his lies of deceit

My heart was twisted and rent.


All I wanted to do

is to sing my hearts desire.

To bathe you in my softness.

To share our twinned hearts fire.


And then I knew you knew me

to a depth that caught us off guard.

You said, “I know what you are doing.”

And proceeded with a dance and spar.


Driven to know my history

with assumptions of sexual naiveté,

the prison warden took control

Delighting to control his new prey.


When I saw what he had done

to you as a child.

How he shot you down

Shaming you with addictions defiled.


We danced anyway,

And then there was a kiss.

Embracing in a slow dance

In a gentleness of bliss.


I asked you, “What do you want?”

In a rare moment of precious connection.

You answered, “You” and then

I proceeded to the next question.


“What is your true desire?”

The supernatural intention

revealed itself to me

In a stuttered, agony of tension.


“I p.. pr…pr…propose”, you said to me.

From your innocent caged heart

From the one that I knew and loved.

But then we were torn apart.


The warden who stole your soul

was laughing in mocked precision.

His eternal plans in the making

for a marriage of entrapped derision.


It was You I desired

and not your ally of deceit.

Your commitment to his mission

Is laden with deviation and conceit.


Your agreement of entrapment

was a lie from its inception.

Knowing our souls were one

Whose power could obliterate deception.


Now my greatest hope

is to love you from afar

To dance alone,

while gazing at the stars.


I choose to believe that it is still true

“that my song will go forth well protected.

a continuity not to be commanded

and likely to be taken for abandon.”


I honor your choice and love you still.

And believe some day we will dance.

Embracing in our awakening from this dream

And we will dance, yes we will dance….




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