The Samurai’s Honor

by Eve Lorgen


It is better to die for honor,

than to live a lie.

To bow out of competitiveness’s grasping

climbing the social ladder, golden pie.


Loss of illusion can make a grown man cry.

A woman lose her hope when beauty goes awry.

To realize the loss of your precious life

chasing pipe dreams and fantasies

that never arrived.


Let go, let go, of childish games.

The hopes and dreams that never came.

The journey of life, its losses, joy and pains.

Can bring forth wisdom or bitterness and disdain.


The honor of the Samurai, monk or nun.

The Bodhisattva’s ideal,

the divine will be done.


It isn’t whether you win or lose,

but the honor you lived while staying true.

There comes a point in time when the divine takes the lead.

Like a Samurai sword severing a fine reed.

The wheat from the chaff,

the truth from the lie.

It is better to die for honor

than to live a lie.


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