The Other Side of Tomorrow

By Eve Lorgen

If you’ve wondered where I’ve gone—

The spot alongside your pillow is empty,

The pit in your stomach says something is wrong.

A timeless silence starts filling the void.

The clock has stopped ticking,

And you’re feeling annoyed.

If you ask me now, you will not hear my reply.

You’ll shake your head and wonder why,

Because I’ve gone to the other side of tomorrow.

When we were together, you made me invisible.

When I cried you turned the other way.

Your tokens of attention barely minimal.

And now you wonder why I’ve gone astray—

To the other side of tomorrow.

Shallow waters hold your friends of stone.

Tossing their glances with condescending throws.

After all—it was all about YOU!

When tidal waves come and the monsoon season adjourns,

The waters are muddied; the tides are turned.

The only reflection you now see

is as it always has been.

No longer do you have me as a filter, your invisible friend,

Because I’ve gone to the other side of tomorrow.


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