By Eve Lorgen

The Holy Kiss is a prayer dedicated to the Beloved.


I feel the surges of your thrust

And must surrender to thee in whom I trust.

As your wave pulls me into

The very depths of your being.

I can no longer stand in the sand

and hold on to the firm ground.

Like a dream I know I must surrender

To the pulls of the ocean deep

In my faith hoping that

This Love is for keeps.

As I flow into the swell of your being,

I am filled with the stars of heaven, sealing

The promise of your spiritual love so pure.

Oh how I long to indwell in your spirit!

Breathing your life, as we both share it.

Dancing in the heartbeat of your precious blood.

Where no evil can touch us; We are in heaven’s glove.

Surrounded by a holy kiss.

I remember your call,

That moment of bliss.

Your insistent softness of love,

Forgiveness of my debts, calling me your Beloved.

I’ll do anything for you.

I understand your creation in truth.

All I long for is to breathe in you.

My spirit is yours, with everlasting life renewed.

In graciousness and gratitude,

I commend my spirit unto thee.




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