The Black Angel Ladies

This poem came to me regarding a mystery.

The Black Angel Ladies

By Eve Lorgen 6/18/016

They sit together in unabashed apparel.
Donning masks of matronly unwantedness, in this world of reversals.

Quietly they seem, in hushed whisperings,
their black skin and styled hair—shimmering.
They wait with me in calm elegance.
They are not of this world: Beyond happenstance.

Graced with wisdom, they sing to me
The Hymn of the Pearl: My Beloved’s Victory.
They unlock my grief of Eternal Widowhood.
Bearing the same crown; It is all understood.

Our widowhood lies in humanity’s lack
of incorruptible eternal remembrance: We fill in the gap.
We sing, we are sung, oracles of old.
Recognizing those with hearts of gold.

We are ladies in waiting, who hold the Pearl.
Unbethrothed and invisible to the wisdom of this world.

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