Sympathetic Mr. Nice Guy

Eve Lorgen

It’s the story of the minister sympathizing after his flock,

thinking he’s the mighty nice guy, while neglecting his own family’s crop.

His children became sullen with a wanting look in their eyes,

as their mother became a lonely woman, only hoping to disguise

her true feelings.

“It isn’t fair”, she thought to herself.

“I think my cards weren’t properly dealt.

Why do I always have to suffer and pick up the slack?

Be the one to give love, but never get anything back?”

She pondered on her feelings and decided to talk

to sympathetic Mr. Nice Guy, (whose stubbornness was hard as a rock.)

“It’s time you understood your wifes’ plight of affair.

It’s time you listen and start to care!

Don’t tell me I’m selfish and sinful; INDEEED!

You needlessly seek other’s dependence, while allowing your own family to bleed.”

Creating a soul’s dependence, rather than being a true teacher,

doesn’t make that soul self sufficient, no matter how sympathetic a preacher.

The need to be needed may only be a mask

disguising the desire to be recognized for seemingly sympathetic holy tasks.

All wisdom starts from a central core.

First, at home with a loving family.

It has always been; and always will be. Forevermore.


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