Song of Eve

By Eve Lorgen

I arrange my fragrant spices for you

each for its own purpose.

Cardamom, cinnamon, and a touch of clove,

each in perfect measure, just to please my Love.


Come sit with me, my precious one.

We shall sip the finest Oolong tea from Taiwan,

It shall make our breath so sweet

to enjoy the finest pleasures of one another

as our lips meet….


Let’s take a stroll in the garden outside.

The morning sun is glistening

as the hummingbirds dance and hide.

Come my Beloved, you must take a look at this…

Behold, two ladybugs on a blossom

joined in a loving kiss!

Tell me, what are they saying, as they embrace?

If he had a voice to woo her, what would he say?


“Ladybug, I’ve sought the ends of the earth for you.

Transcended the depths of time, just to breathe through you.

You cannot escape my love so strong

My wings will lift you, to me you belong!

I shall smother you, and enamor you with my soft caresses.

To prove my undying love for you, Ladybug, are the most blessed!”


And if so swooned, my dearest, what would Ladybug say?

What would she do, once I came her way?

“You’ve awakened me from my sleep so deep.

My heart is only yours to keep.

Your powerful love awoke me from my trance,

stirred up my passions; made me dance!

I had to stay hidden just for you.

Trapped in my dream cage; Until the awakened dream came true.

Others would have snatched me away

to steal the greatest love that could ever be,

that is meant for the healing of our hearts

to be expressed and shared beyond measure,

And to finally set us free!”


A man such as thee

with strength of love as I’ve never seen.

If you can wrestle with tigers,

you are strong enough for me!

Yes, you are my Adam

and I am your Eve!”


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