By Eve Lorgen

Oh no! It’s Mr. Religiosity,

trying to make me better.

He parrots a shame-based dogma

Ripping my feminine intuition to fetters!


“Shame on you, false doctrine witch!

How dare you disgrace my God?

You question authority in a last chance ditch

Because the canonical Holy Scriptures sound odd?”


“Excuse me, Sir, but Jesus came to his own as friends,

praying they become One with the Father as He.

His humble respect for the poor and womankind

Got him into trouble with the Pharisees!


He preached of love and the spiritual mysteries

While he wept, laughed and walked

amongst true friends in humbled embrace.

Our hearts he knew how to unlock!


His purity of spirit, a fountain of life,

Rather than abiding by the “Letter of the Law”—

Graced us with the Spirit of Truth,

So that we could discern spiritual truth versus lies!


He acknowledged Wisdom in her grief and strength

Unveiling mysteries for the pure.

Baffling and confounding the “religious outer man”

As He put a mirror to their snake like wars.”


The lower archons sought to take revenge

By infiltrating the Holy Places.

His Beloved was once again raped and shamed

For expressing joyous gnosis on their mystical faces.


Hatred of Beloved Wisdom

In her feminine grace.

The repentances of Sophia

Silenced to the secret places.


The Serpent has reared its ugly head.

His mark is misogynistic religiosity.

He hardens hearts and causes lovers to fight,

To prevent the Gnosis that sets us free.


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