Mother Earth’s Sorrow

By Eve Lorgen

The depth of my pain, anguish and tears

Surges through my being, confronting my fears.

Endless suffering for countless beings,

The cost of closed hearts not truly seeing.

The scars of ignorance, take their toll.

Devaluation of Woman will cost humanity its soul.

My drive is unstoppable; my anguish is just.

We are all one, we are one, in our hearts we must trust.

From the black hole of my grief, comes the oracle of Wisdom.

The Eternal widow awakens; the laser shatters this prison.

With ferocity and compassion my mystery unveils

The power of the divine archetype now sets her sail.

The unrelenting wails of the oceans deep

comforts the Eternal Widow in her grief.

The wind is my power, my lover the sun.

Patriarchy has forgotten that we are one.

As false doctrines are exposed for the great harm done

With compassion and wisdom, my will be done.

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