By Eve Lorgen

Mama’s in her moontime.

Gently breathing her sigh of Ahhhh…

Her blessings of wisdom’s essence,

She is near you-yet seems so far.

Moon of Wisdom come to me.

Can you not hear my call?

Why do you sometimes remain hidden, even sullen?

Keeping between us an iron wall?

How shall I present my offerings?

Would you like fragrant flowers of every kind?

Incense and snow capped mountaintops,

Jewels of opulence, a diamond in the sky?

Mama turns her head as she lets out a little huff.

Staring at me in the eye, as if she’s had enough!

She wants me to be still and lie with Her.

Take a nap and cuddle up close.

She first wants to sniff her own,

Her warm breath gliding over me like a ghost.

In the dreamtime she tells me a story,

Of how she was once swooned

By a suitor who made false promises

Claiming that his love was true.

In her blind trust she freely game him her light.

Spinning a fairy tale of magical awe.

A golden age of gifted children,

Where Love was the Letter of the Law.

The suitor became seduced

By his own beauty and power.

Selfish pride and aggression,

Ripping out Mother’s flowers

She became a homeless dog-bitch.

Her babies got sick and scattered.

No home in which to make her nest.

She resorted to begging and then was battered.

The beggar bitch became a reproach

With bloodstained tears on her face.

Her voice and song muffled,

Raped and shamed to the secret places.

Sometimes you can hear Her whimper at dawn,

At the foot of your bed.

She wants to lay her head by your side

To awaken your hearts from the dead.

She tells me of the true One she loves

Who promised her in His mysterious way.

She awaits His coming, always in His own time.

He holds the Diamond that shoots forth rays.

His insistent soft love awakened her –

quite by surprise.

His female helper whispers His will (in her ear)

What she should do; how to pray.

And His desire for her to stay

In His Presence.

“Ok, I must go now”. She says,

as she jumps off my bed and saunters off.

She stops, and turns her head to me

before daylight carries her memory off.

“Until then, in between the moons,

I send you many eagles.


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