Mermaid Wisdom

By Eve Lorgen

Singing on the rock near seashore’s cove,

sits the glistening mermaid seeking her love.

Sopranos tune, a tremolo of hearts desire,

wafts through the sea breeze with sensuous fire.

A tall, strong man who lived by the sea,

caught the winds’ tune and fell to his knees.

He searched for the melodious song, as if in trance,

gathered his fisherman’s gear in a hunter’s stance.

Closer to the rock he cast his line,

determined to catch the mythic mermaid divine.

She dove into the blue waters below.

dancing and swaying to the currents flow.

She dreamed of meeting the tall man by the sea,

hoping for the One to share her hearts mysteries.

She traversed the underworld collecting pearls and gems,

her hidden treasures cherished for that special man-friend.

As she surfaced between the water rising for air,

her sparkle caught the fisherman’s stare.

With marksman skill he cast his line,

catching her glistening tail from behind.

She gasped as they shared in locked eyes gaze,

as the fisherman caught her in his nets maze.

He pulled up the line cooing her in velvety parlance,

softening her guard, commencing an erotic dance.

Their breaths joined, him of the land, and her of the sea,

two different creatures joining in a rare moment of eternity.

It happened so fast, she failed to see

that her tail had been pierced, bleeding needlessly.

She dreamed of two different hearts beating as one,

believing it was possible as she echoed her love song.

Her Sisters and Grandmother beneath the waters edge

warned her not to charm men, singing on that ledge.

“We are creatures of another kind,

who guard treasures of magic and song.

Our hearts are pure; to mortal men we do not belong.

We can share a moment of breath as we sing our hearts tune.

But more often than not, we are doomed!

The Mesmer of our glistening tail

fixates the mortal man during his sail.

Our hearts are precious—that is why we hold the pearls.

We are Sisters of the Sea, and mortal man is of the world.”


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