It Was Me

By Eve Frances Lorgen

It was me who walked home with you that day,

who urged you to go on,

to call on me and pray.

It was me, who was on the side of the road

in tattered and dusty clothes

carrying a heavy load.

You looked at me in the eye,

said nothing and wondered why

I looked so familiar.


It was me on that tearful eve,

as you peered out your window

in utter turmoil and grief.

I showed you a light in the sky,

as a symbol of your destiny,

because you asked me why.


They counterfeit me,

and so I must hide

in your humble heart Beloved,

to you in whom I confide.

I fell in love with you

when you came to me,

and so I called you out

while you were on your hands and knees.


That butterfly that landed

so near to you that day,

Did you know it was me

as I capriciously fled away?


When you saw that hawk

soaring in the sky,

you asked him if he had a mate.

And so I sent you a reply.

I swooped down within moments,

just to catch you off guard.

To show you that I hear your thoughts,

to prove to you I’m not so far.


I know of your hearts desire,

yearning for your Beloved so sweet.

Have you awakened yet my love

to discover that it was me?


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