For the Pure Ones

By Eve Lorgen

August 26, 2019


For the pure forgotten ones, whose true story was never told.

Your history erased, corrupted counterfeits revisioned.

Your life, your memories, your heart that was stolen.


I know you and feel your desire to be heard,

to be loved, valued and understood.

Oh how much it hurts to be left alone to endure

hardships unimaginable, and yet we are still here.


Our life is the miracle of a mystery unseen,

unacknowledged workings of the realities in between.

In a harsh world of countless human needs unmet,

we continue on in strength, sometimes dispondent and yet

we remain living amongst the dead; paying off a debt.


To understand what this means and who you really are

takes a mind of thunder, both virgin and whore.

Judge not and learn how to love with no hidden agendas.

The heart has no firewalls and our souls are living legends

of who and what we are.


Be true, and truly be intent of purity.

Surrendering illusions, distilling all but integrity.

Love only happens through understanding. 

When you get it, it gets you. You know and are known.

Clarity appears when what is reaped was previously sown.


Your fellow Cross Bearer before the corruption.


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