Beloved Son of Light

By Eve Lorgen

Highlander, timeless one, warrior of peace,

You’ve treaded the path of righteousness

with your own two feet.

You overcame the poverty of your tribe,

Replacing the emptiness with true love so alive.


They trampled you, struck you, leaving you for dead,

Hoping to destroy one of the chosen ones,

As your body and soul bled.

You cried out in pain, bearing it alone.

No one believing you, their hearts cold as stone.

The crown of thorns cut you so deep

Keeping you at the place of the cross.

The light of understanding can be bittersweet,

But Wisdoms’ teaching will never be lost.


Highlander, timeless one, beloved full of grace,

Remember your brethren with tears on their face.

You are their strength, inspiration, example of love.

Now is the time to reveal God’s truth from above.


Some will reject you as you speak through your soul.

But those who are called by God will once again become whole.

Your spiritual love is so strong and few comprehend

The perfect love that binds us has no beginning and no end.

The alpha and omega my beloved, my sweet,

Remember always to wash one another’s feet.

Our heartfelt sufferings of this present time and age

are not worthy to be compared with the glory

which shall be revealed in us.


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