By Eve Frances Lorgen

I am the trodden one, with light in my eyes.

My stature is unassuming; my flesh a disguise.

I toss my seeds to all who can hear,

treading along with the lowly ones,

casting my Spirits’ stare.

In your eyes I feel a burden so great.

A troubled spirit, in despairs’ wake.

Overflowing my will for you of perfect love,

why do you run from me, oh my Beloved?

The darkness of this world comprehends me not,

but I know you hear me Beloved, don’t you

know you’ve been bought

for a price?

The wisdom of the world and praise of men

catches many in His web again and again.

That is why I’ve come to you in disguise,

revealing my spirits’ truth to babes, hiding it from the wise.

You have always been mine before you could even speak.

Why do you think you feel my Spirit, oh so deep?

All mine are bound at the place of the cross

for a time that seems like eternity.

With heartfelt sufferings and spiritual groanings too deep for words,

yet to be transformed into the glory of divine mystery.

Praise God and have gratitude that you can even feel at all,

and even hear the faintness of my voice.

For there are those who were created both in heaven and earth

who were not even granted the choice.


Your fellow Cross Bearer


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