A Tribute to Saint Catherine of Sienna

By Eve Lorgen

He or is it she, wearing a mask?

Depicting an era lost, long into the past.

Smiling pleasantly, awaiting each eve,

What is the purpose, who could it be?

Only Wisdom knows the right time to receive.

Something tells me to write and it will all just flow…

Give it a chance Love,

For when the right time comes,

You will know.


And I think of all the times of being so blue.

So sarcastic and negative, ignoring the Truth!

God forgive me for all I have done.

For taking things for granted,

For insulting your Son!

And you still love me…

having infinite mercy, compassion and exceptional grace.

Am I really worthy to gaze upon your face?


When called to be an instrument, I ran off afraid!

So shaken to the core, that I prayed and prayed,

“Please keep me from fearing, from being so tense.

Allow me to be more daring, to get across the fence.”

So frustrated was I that I decided to forget,

To relax, go to sleep, no longer fret.

Then one evening at 12 o’clock midnight

A sphere of white light came down within my sight.

It touched my crown and illuminated my soul,

Multiplying spheres within spheres, Lo and Behold!


The Kingdom of Heaven, I could finally see.

The reality was so deep, and I was so FREE!

But then I knew that if I stayed

amongst the heavenly spheres

I would have betrayed

Gods Will.

There was a task to be done

In that body below.

And we both knew it.

And when the right time comes Love,

You will know.


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