Tribute to Barbara Bartholic

By Eve Lorgen

When it comes to slashing the illusions of New Age consciousness-raising benevolent space brother theories, Barbara Bartholic should receive the award for being the most courageous alien abduction researcher. Her ability to shed light on former colleague Jacques Vallee’s, “UFO Master Control System” hypothesis was tackled with a compassionate precision and wit that no other UFO investigator has been able to match.

Unfortunately, Barbara Bartholic is now no longer with us.

On November 10, 2010 Barbara Bartholic died as a result of a stroke. She was 71. Few may have known that in November of 2009 Barbara and her husband Bob were severely injured when a hit and run driver rammed their car from behind at high speed. The impact flipped their vehicle several times, ejecting both of them through the windshield, and slamming them on the pavement below. Barbara miraculously survived the crash even after having the car land on top of her unconscious body, but left her and Bob in a coma for days afterwards. Barbara recovered with some brain injury, but Bob remained in a coma and died on December 25, 2009. She and Bob were married for 50 years.

In Barbara’s early career, after attending the University of Arkansas, she went on to become a high fashion model for well known designers in Los Angeles and New York City. She contributed to the Tulsa, Oklahoma Arts community and even opened her own Gallery called, “The Barking Dog” in the 80’s. She also hosted her own TV show, “Art’s Arena” interviewing local artists and celebrities. Her husband Bob was a very talented artist himself.

Barbara has been a special person in many lives, especially fellow UFO researchers and experiencers of the alien abduction phenomena. She inspired many of her clients to write their own books such as James L. Walden, Dr. Karla Turner, myself, Riley Martin and Peggy Fielding with her biography on Barbara: A UFO Investigator.

Barbara had the unique ability to hold an authentic, compassionate presence while communicating, and became close friends with many people and myself over the years. Barbara’s early work with Jacques Vallee instigated her interest in what Vallee identified in his book, The Invisible College as the UFO control system. In one of Barbara’s last interviews in 2007 with French Journalist Karmatoo ( Barbara stated her reason for continuing to research, under terrible duress the most important subject in the universe:

“What could be more compelling than identifying what I call a ‘master control system’ that defies all locks, law enforcement, physics and governments, and last but not least, human rights; or identifying an alien organized operation possessing such technical supremacy that they can hide in plain sight. It’s a force that can delude people info refusing to believe in their existence.”

I met Barbara following Dr. Karla Turner’s death in 1996. We started corresponding about issues related Karla’s work and the alien orchestrated “love obsession” syndrome—which I later wrote a book on entitled, “The Love Bite: Alien Interference in Human Love Relationships”. Barbara’s understanding of the alien abduction phenomena surpassed most researchers I had ever met, and her genuine, loving style of support was invaluable to me. She had a gentle way of being able to get at the root of healing alien abduction issues, by simply asking intermittently throughout hypnosis sessions or conversation, “Now, Honey, how did that make you feel?”

Oftentimes we discussed the unusual interpersonal relationship issues surrounding abductees’ lives, or the more esoteric aspects of alien visitations such as the synchronistic dramas that unfolded in our personal lives and dream themes with powerful archetypal figures. We both shared the sense that the ET influence on humanity—and all its drama– was much more extensive than what we were merely seeing with alien abductees.

Barbara had the ability to maintain a neutral perspective while offering support and hypnotherapy, as she gently guided her clients into forming their own perceptions about their experiences. Her client’s perspectives were not necessarily her own, either.

Barbara’s compassionate and patient style allowed her to explore deep within an abductees’ memory retrieval process, often unmasking several layers of alien screen memories. After repeatedly sifting through the layers of illusions, she believed the root factor behind most alien abductions were reptilian in origin.

I believe her work rarely got the appreciation and recognition that it deserved. She cared more for her clients’ and families’ lives, and shied away from receiving too much attention doing public speaking or writing articles and books. Her courage to tackle some of the most difficult Ufological and abduction related issues speak volumes, and in my book, she is a saint.


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