This is a short interview that I did in January 2013, for a high school student studying in Mexico. I thought I would go ahead and post it here for those who may have similar questions on my research and how it relates to Ufology, Alien Abduction/Encounter phenomena and Spirituality.

Interview questions from “Alex Tartini” High school student in Mexico:

1. Tell us a little bit about your background.

I was born and raised in California and now reside in Western North Carolina. I have a  B.S. degree in Biochemistry and also a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology.  Certification in hypnotherapy, studies in Oriental Medicine, Shamanism, Tibetan Buddhism, and some Christianity including early Gnostic teachings from the Nag Hammadi Library. I am a practitioner of Astanga yoga and meditation.

2. How did you get interest in Ufology?

I became interested in Ufology as a child, and my father had an interest in UFOs and aerial phenomena, as he was an aerospace engineer at Lockheed-Martin in Silicon Valley, CA for many years. We had occasional UFO sightings and paranormal experiences also growing up.

 3. Which Ufologists have inspired you? 

Dr. Jacques Vallee, Barbara Bartholic, Bud Hopkins, Dr. Karla Turner, Derrel Sims, Dr. Roger Leir and Dr. Corrado Malanga of Italy.

 4. What is the ‘Alien Love Bite’?

This was a term created by early “alien abductee/experiencers” that described a  particularly powerful love connection with another person, whereby the love connection was believed to be “engineered” by one of the person’s alien handlers. It had an alien signature to it. Oftentimes both individuals were “experiencer/abductee/contactees” where at least one of them recalls being pre bonded with their partner while on board an alien craft or within an abduction type of scenario, oftentimes remembered as vivid dreams. Sometimes the bonding took place as children and then the couple was taken and put together several times throughout their childhood or teen years or even adulthood, only to later meet in real life. Often in unlikely and opportunistic situations–that made one feel it was “staged” or divinely arranged. This set off a de ja vu and a powerful “high chemistry” soul bonded connection type of experience.  This is described fully with many case histories in my first book called, “The Love Bite: Alien Interference in Human Love Relationships”. The syndrome of a “love bite” often begins with magical dream meetings, memories of seeing them in alien contrived settings, or perhaps in a variety of situations, where a romantic and powerful connection is felt. Then a love infatuation or obsession follows for one or both partners. Then the drama of high emotional ups and downs, sometimes paranormal activity and increased alien visitations occur during the love infatuation phase. Longing, passion, yearning, jealousy, rage, love, all the emotions wrapped into one wild, emotional roller coaster ride.

More often than not, after a period of time, one person is “switched off” emotionally, oftentimes right after an alien abduction/visitation, and then they no longer have strong feelings for the other partner, who may then pine away in unrequited love. It is terribly painful emotionally. It has been postulated based on the number of “love bite connections” that didn’t work out right, that the aliens are “feeding off of the emotional energy”. And this being the reason for the wild emotional roller coaster ride and obsessive quality of the relationship.

In my second book, The Dark Side of Cupid: Love Affairs, The Supernatural and Energy Vampirism, more case studies are examined from the perspective of relationship dynamics when energy vampirism is present. It is not firmly hypothesized in this book whether the “beings orchestrating and influencing the relationship” are ETs or not. Instead, we say it’s a “Cupid” and this Cupid can take many forms, anywhere from non descript “spirits”, demons, troll spirits, reptilians or ETs. It’s focus is on recognizing whether ones love connection may indeed be paranormally interfered with by these interdimensional kinds of beings who enjoy creating excessive drama and feeding off the energy. Hence there is alot of emotional and psychic vampirism occurring in one of these kinds of love relationships. It’s more pronounced in terms of psychic vampirism, where a “third party entity” is observed overshadowing one or both partners. Disruption of true love is also reported, by these same kinds of beings, much like in the movie “The Adjustment Bereau”.

5. What do you think about the nature of the ‘UFO phenomena’? 

It is physical and paranormal/non-physical at the same time. Our understanding of physics must be re-examined here because UFOs do not always appear physical and yet they can leave physical traces, respond and interact with our consciousness, implying that they are intelligently controlled and function as both physical and non physical objects. In general, like Jacques Vallee has said for many years, I believe for the most part, UFO’s are a deceptive control system over humanity. Although now there are many UFO types of advanced air and spacecraft engineered by our own military and aerospace companies.

 6. How do you know that there are many races and not only one intelligence with different costumes?

Many types of aliens, ETs and interdimensional beings have been reported. Many of the interdimensional ones have abilities to “shapeshift” and be chameleons of sorts.  In one of Dr. Karla Turners books, Masquerade of Angels, the Ted Rice case suggests that many ETs were involved working together on the same UFO/craft  or “other environment” in Ted’s case. This involved genetics and cloning, among other things–including a love relationship set up with a school mate at 14 years if age. A classic “love bite”. And, one has to remember, it was the late Barbara Bartholic who taught me all the intricacies of how aliens set up people in bonding dramas and engineer powerful love obsessions. No other abduction researcher was willing to admit to this, thinking that love relationships were not even related to what the aliens were doing to their “chosen ones”. It’s not just about medical exams, hybrid genetics and physical UFO space craft. The alien agenda is much more involved, it’s not just the physical “hybrid genetics” issue, but one of spirituality, the soul if you will.

In Dr. Corrado Malanga’s research with alien abductions, he has defined at least 12 types of aliens, but there are many more than that, I believe. To make it easier to understand, Malanga categorizes the aliens (especially in abduction related activities) as corporeal–having a body form, and incorporeal. The incorporeal ones are nothing more than shadows, or light beings depending on their origin. These incorporeal aliens will take on different alien body forms in order to interact with humans, as they must take on some form to enter our dimension. Most of the alien types reported are the alien Grey cyborg types. There are many types of greys, from tans, browns, tall greys, black greys, blue greys, and tall whites. Then there are sauroid types which appear reptilian,  and/or frog man types and various races with the amphibian or reptilian/sauroid resemblance.  There are grey reptilian hybrids too. Lots of combinations here. Then there are the mantises or insectoid types, which are believed to be higher in hierarchy than the greys and reptilians. There are Nordics, Oranges, Dracos, Dragons and then the higher levels of creation. Beings such as the Primordial Man, also known as Adam Kadmon. The ones who are higher in authority on the “dark side” are those Malanga describes as “Horus-Ra”, LUX, beings and something they call a “Growl”. Ra is really a black shadow entity taking the form of Horus, the Egyptian Chicken or bird like figure. Growl can take the form of a Nordic type, cyborg with 6 fingers. Lux is a type of light being that will often appear as a spirit guide, but in reality is deceptive and feeds off the human energy field.(EL added note- Malanga now states that LUX is Lucifer, an emanation)

To make a long, complicated story short, the beings who abduct humans for the purpose of hybrid genetics and soul energy vampirism or entrapment are not in humanity’s best interest. Some believe they are all part of a team, wearing different masks but all working for the same kind of thing–human soul harvesting. Of course in Christian exorcism and possession studies, many demons have different masks but all work for the one deceptive “Satan/Lucifer” kind of entity. What one can say is that there are many spirits/demons that are a kind of emanation of the same larger being such as Satan or Lucifer. But even these names and notations may not be accurate.

 7. Have you ever received any threat by some Secret Society?

Yes, but mostly covertly, or through a person sent to me as some kind of spy or “agent under control”, psychic attacks, etc.

 8. Have you ever seen any sign of ‘alien attack’ because of your work, as you describe in your books (headaches while trying to find the truth)? 

Yes, countless times. It’s mostly observed as distractions, disruptions, sudden illnesses, computer and electrical malfunctions, people suddenly “turning on you” for no apparent reason, or mysterious characters entering your life to affect you in some way. And of course the paranormal anomalies and outright demonic attacks and spiritual warfare. Health issues and sudden poisenings, etc. Of course after experiencing this enough times, I figured alot of this is demonic. In other words, black magic and forms of mind control and remote influencing technologies are part of this. So, it certainly  caused me to re-examine many Biblical truths and warnings about “the Accuser, Satan, Lucifer, Soul harvesting, etc. And Jesus Christ of course, what he came to tell us and to do to become free. I think he knew the game plan on planet Earth and wanted to educate us to help set us free. Unfortunately the deception runs into every religion on planet Earth as well. No one religion is free from some sort of corruption by “the dark side”. And there are truths in all religions and some falsehoods too. So it’s good to be able to view truth through archetypes, forces and myths. Expanding awareness, and understanding who we are as humans, helps us understand who the aliens, ETs are.

 9In your work, you’ve talked a lot about the ‘spiritual warfare’ in the UFO phenomena. What do you think of the spiritual side of the phenomena? Do you think that, as many have suggested (especially in Spain, with our great Salvador Freixedo), aliens may be behind some mediums, apparitions, etc…?

Yes, I agree that many aliens are masquerading around as angels and spirit guides and many things. I answered alot of this question above. One has to understand too, from a larger perspective, there are other powerful beings higher up on the levels of creation above these aliens taking on various forms/masks.

Let me give you an example. For some “experiencers”, once they have gotten free from alien abductions, alter their view of it, and seek the truth of their own being, spirituality, etc., is when other beings start interacting with them, either to teach, mislead or distract them. Beings such as the Primordial man can take on any figure one worships or believes in. In a very powerful way. It is like a lesson or maze to get through all the illusion. Who knows what this will ultimately lead to. But understanding our own self, our spirituality and divine soul nature is part of the key.


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