By Eve Lorgen

This article will ruffle a few feathers but needs to be written. It may get you triggered about some of your deepest biblical Christian beliefs, especially regarding gender roles. I am exposing this so that discernment can be practiced in the true believer.

Whether we want to accept it or not, religion often becomes a battleground for unresolved personal issues, masquerading as a pious front, when it is really being used as a defense hiding the skeletons in our closets!

As some of you know, I am a researcher and consultant for people who have experienced anomalous trauma such as alien abductions, mind control and various types of abuse. I’ve seen how ones faith in God is a great strength in coping with our troubled lives. Conversely, I’ve directly experienced how ones faith turns into a rigid defense mechanism too inflexible to break through the hard shell that prevents us from facing our deepest fears.

I know for a fact, that in certain types of mind control programming such as Monarch (MKULTRA), biblical scripts are used in hypno-programming in such a way as to reinforce obedience to the controllers. It is also used to silence the victim, and maintain a shame based core, and unequal gender values, resulting in dysfunctional, unfulfilling male/female relationships later in life.

In persons who have sustained trauma, abuse and mind control (whether its alien or human), they may naturally dissociate the painful memories. In one of my previous articles, “The Fundamentals of Trauma Based Mind Control” , I describe how programming is inserted following intentional “ splitting” traumas. The programming may be installed in various ways, but usually involve creating an “alter personality” that is trained to perform a specific function. The function can be a spy, carrying out rituals, assassinations, sexual servicing, or psychic spying. A newly created alter personality can be birthed using various scripts, sometimes involving biblical scriptures which reinforce certain beliefs about themselves. One type of belief is to instill fear of God abandoning them if they are not obedient to their controller, who is viewed as “God”. Guilt and shame are heaped upon the victim, for taking part in rituals, or sexual servicing, or assassinations, while at the same time rewarding them for doing a good job. Double binds are set up in such a way that the victim feels hopeless to ever attain respect or freedom in their lives.

The religiosity programming emphasizes shame, guilt and unacceptableness to God because of sin. If you are not obedient to the impossible expectations, you will burn in hell. Phrases such as “God will abandon you because of your sin”, “ Our attempts at righteousness are filthy rags before God”, and “We can never earn Grace, because it’s a gift of God (providing you haven’t sinned too much deserving abandonment for “falling away”). For example, if a woman challenges her controllers or handlers authority, she is viewed as a “Jezebel” rebellious spirit, or a Lilith. She is continually reminded that a woman should be in authority under the male, her only role to be his “help-mate” and to please him.

The problem is that in these circumstances, the mind controlled victim has “compartmentalized” personalities which are designed to carry out “sinful activities” such as spy games, assassinations, seductions, espionage, and even drug trafficking. Amnesia walls hide the cocooned “parts” within, and a front “host” personality, unaware of their “secret life” have conflicting feelings of self worth.

Another example would be a mind controlled male operative whose functions may be to be a fearless warrior and assassin. In this personality mode, he may be without moral constraints, eager to be the super hero, and have a wild Playboy side. He may be rewarded for his success in his missions, but is also given commands to remain obedient to his controllers, with religious types of scripts. They may also instill guilt and shame about immoral behaviors, setting up a double bind within him. His religious front alter is convicted in biblical truths, yet he has a deeply ingrained sense of guilt and shame about what his other hidden parts are doing. His outer persona goes overboard with dogma and morality issues, rigidly defending them. This is often projected outwards in an unconscious way.

For the most part, the front personality, is unaware of how he/she has been exploited and compartmentalized. When dissociated, they have no control over these hidden parts, which are controlled and exploited by the nefarious agencies that created them. Their programming maintains the amnesia walls as long as the memories do not surface, and as long as they stay away from therapy or things that trigger the breaking down of programming. Intense anxiety is experienced often resulting in hostility, and rejection of the people who trigger them, (i.e., other abductees, or healthy persons who confront them).

Some things that help alleviate their constant internal turmoil are various addictions, drugs, or even religion. They may even think they are healed and abductions have stopped. (They got ” delivered”) If they are still being accessed and used in covert ops or “weird abductions” they may go through phases of intense anxiety, depression, inexplicable mood swings and missing time. The problem arises when someone challenges them about these incongruences in their life.

If unintegrated, they cannot come to terms with the contradictory events in their lives, and must defend their beliefs, or face the pain of the shattered parts inside. This is usually when the religiosity defenses kick in. The pain and fear of the reality of not being in control of their lives is greater than their love for the truth.

In my next series I will discuss how abductee relationships are set up to trigger and reinforce the original programming, yielding unfulfilling and detached relationships. Known methods of Psyops concerning “Obedience to Jesus” will also be covered so that the true believer will be armed with the knowledge of how our own religious beliefs can be used against us by the enemy.

Part Two – 6/2001 Gender Role Confusion

Gender role confusion in mind controlled persons results in unfulfilling and disempowering relationships. This also extends to dysfunctional families if children are involved who model their parents behavior. Remember that there are variations of types of mind control, but the ones I am referring to are victims of mind control projects, cults and even some ‘abductees” where religiosity programming was employed.

In females, the most common gender role confusion is to be attracted to a father figure who resembles her original programmer/abuser in some way. He may be a religious authority figure, teacher, or many years her senior. Her subservience is reinforced with this male father/lover figure. She has dependency issues, fear of abandonment and/or punishment if she disobeys or even disagrees with his opinions. Her guilt of being a Jezebel, Lilith or rebellious whore is reinforced by a relationship with a controlling male. She believes herself to unequal, feels the need to ask him for permission to do things, and uses sex and ego aggrandizement as the primary means to please and manipulate him.

The male survivor of mind control ( Monarch for example) will often exhibit a controlling , passive-aggressive mode in female relationships, usually sexualizing them. He has difficulty perceiving women as equals, either as a friend or lover. His programming dictates that women should be under man’s authority as his helpmate or sex object, or the perfect virgin mother type. He must be the teacher, protector and rule maker, and is potentially abusive and violent. He is generally misogynistic and has deep seated issues with seeing women as rivals to be controlled or exploited.( It depends on his primary abuser in childhood.) He must be right in any argument or discussion. Because of his emotional immaturity he may choose a mate many years younger than himself. This can extend to teen and child molestation if not kept in check.

In order to have healthy male/female relationships survivors of mind control must deconstruct the deeply ingrained lies that have been layered in their subconscious minds through years of programming and abuse. Acknowledgement of these issues, is important so that healing, integration and eventual transformation can be achieved. This itself can be a lifelong process.

Religiosity programming by Government agencies can employ technologies that do not need direct contact with the subject. This is described thoroughly in an article by Will Filer entitled “NSA Mind Control and Psyops” ( This article details the use of religious scripting, and subliminal post hypnotic deliveries to achieve the perfect obedient slave of God/Jesus, when in reality they are counterfeiting Gods truth to create mind controlled slaves for the NSA! Ingeniously evil, but needs to be exposed so that we can outmaneuver the enemy of God!

The NSA, other government agencies ( or rogue groups) have use for this behavior modification technology in intelligence, counterintelligence, development of spies, political candidates, or other persons viewed as useful assets for their “agenda.” This is achieved by subliminal implanted posthypnotic suggestions through acoustically delivered phonetically edited language elements combined into scripts, without somnambulistic preparation of the subject. In simpler terms, this is done by giving a subject hypnosis unknowingly while awake and is tortured and punished with this hypnosis into a predetermined behavior. The behavior is usually extremely religious, is called “reborn” by the church with the subjects life long goal of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The problem is that the NSA is inserting themselves into the place of Jesus Christ, giving the subject commands by the “will of God” via hypnotically induced Pavlovian punishments and rewards.

The behavior modification takes place in several steps, the first of which is identification and qualification of the subject. This is based on suggestibility and how useful this person can be as an asset by the “controllers”. The victim is given various induced delusions of physical problems or paranoid ideations, or something which will drive the person to self destruction or nervous breakdown. When vulnerable, the subject is induced to become involved in a new support group already chosen for its ease of manipulation. This is usually a church, or some kind of cult centered around the bible. The NSA prefers Christian churches that allow God or Jesus to speak directly to them so that negative reinforcement can be attributed to Satan and positive rewards ( all hypnotically induced) can be considered blessings from God.

The subject is released from the post hypnotic suggestions of torture when they “Give their lives over to Christ”. Then the subliminal commands are replaced by positive rewarding phrases such as “God and Jesus are working in their life”. Soon the subject has complete loyalty to Jesus and will do anything on command from Jesus. The only problem is that the NSA is the one giving the commands! The subject is required by the church to give daily status reports in the form of prayers where they can be somehow monitored. The NSA then captures the keywords of that individual and then delivers additional hypnosis in the form of punishments and rewards according to “Gods Will”. If the subject resists the NSA’s instructions they will be given“ punishments from God”. Non conformances are watched , critiqued and reported on via prayers and other members of that church group. This acts as a behavioral reinforcement.

The primary result is to keep the person spinning their wheels in unproductive compulsive behaviors, focusing on the afterlife, instead of the present life of inner conflict– which is telling them that something is terribly wrong, but they don’t listen to that inner voice anymore. These persons can be distinguished from non-mind controlled “Christians” in that the latter are humbly willing to work out personal issues, have a sense of calmness and inner peace, and do not live dichotomous lives full of incongruences. The victims of mind control may be sincere about their religion, but are prone to easily triggered impulsive emotional reactions that serve to isolate them further from living the truth.


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