Awakened Abductees as Matrix Outlaws

Decoding the Theatre of Non-Lucidity

by Sari Mikkola

Introduction and edited by Eve Lorgen


What do we really know about aliens, ET’s and UFO disclosure?Can the abductees having multiple visitations tell us more than the scientists and alphabet soup agency controlled experts? Many abductees’ experiences defy the laws of physics and include telepathy, precognition, teleportation and time travel to name a few. If “awakened abductees” true experiences are not understood or legitimized by official power structures, then any form of  UFO disclosure will likely fall under the control of the “theatre of non-lucidity”, like video game programs and characters where the “AI-ego complex “House” always wins. 

The observation of a Stockholme syndrome-like majority “rule” in human society is observed by awakened ones and is hypothesized to be operating under a kind of malevlolent Artificial Intelligence Ego Complex that functions naturally within the unawakened human mind. Its program, unless decoded and dismantled by our original eternal awarness— will continue the repeated resets of human enslavement that normalize and maintain the theatre non-lucidity.The Matrix. The programs inherent in dreaming can be decoded by understanding symbols and etymological root word meanings that arise in the consciousness of dreams.

Four essential levels of abductions and interference are described as ones awareness deepens and the abductee continues in trauma recovery, operating in the love of truth, essential goodness and the maturing power of ones innate eternal awareness. This gradually guides ones way out of the programming, matrix enslavement and incessant interference operating in the subconscious and waking world. A key realization is that “captured attention enables slavery”. 

Even with some forms of “advanced spiritual practices” like meditation, the control of religious narratives can still effectively enable manipulated passivity inherent in subtle “cult” mind control, in such a way as to suspend the natural human response to danger and predation. 

Physical and viral assaults on the human body and irreversible genetic change can weaken our defenses in ways we have not considered, such as the loss of olfactory senses. Persistent exposure to advanced bioweaponzed environments can lull us to a pacified state disabling our psychological, physical and spiritual defenses. 

The fourth state of awareness in dreams comes when one encounters the archetypes who are the watchers and controllers of the AI ego matrix programming. These large, dark male-like figures resemble what ancient Gnostics identified as the Archons of the Demiurge. Their threatening control system can be overcome by the power and spontaneous wisdom of our eternal original awarness, transforming body mind and soul. All is not lost and our greatest power of change comes with loving and forgiving ourselves—and others as we connect in lucid relationship to the cosmic currency of love, joy, truth and liberation.

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