Tribute to Dr. Karla Turner

From Colleen Johnston  Researcher into  the Anomalous

For those of you who’ve been around awhile, the name Karla ‘ Kandy’ Turner was well known for her ability to get to the cut and chase of alien abduction research – including stripping the illusions the aliens themselves infringed onto their victims minds with endless nocturnal intrusions.   For those of you who don’t know about her, I’d suggest grabbing anything possible written by Kandy if you’d like to discover the truth about alien abduction and possible agenda’s. I believe her work is some of the most valid I have come across to date with few venturing into the realms of the horrendous like she did.

I was fortunate enough to have known her personally because we lived in the same locale, she became a casual friend who helped me deal with my own experiences that came bursting forth after a delayed reaction in 1992. I suspected I was an  abductee since 1987 – when Whitley Strieber’s book “Communion’ sent me and my then 11 year old daughter reeling from a bookstore located in our local  mall.

In my own quest for answers, I was convinced by someone else that these were solely demonic experiences and  that shifted my research away from abduction and into paranormal realms.  In 1992 during a bit of regression work to unblock a few self esteem issues, (done by a qualified hypnotherapist) –  a group of very malevolent dark grey aliens literally blocked the entrance to the area where my deepest memories lay in the subconscious. There was no coaxing from the therapist, no hint of alien anything.  I just saw them in my minds eye and came flying out of the hypnosis completely panicked, jarred fully awake – and utterly terrorized at the imagery which was now seared into my mind. Not only that but the abduction experiences accelerated as they had before on more of a conscious level. After a few months of struggling with this issue which troubled me,  I confided in a friend of mine; a psychiatric nurse –  she suggested that I attend a UFO meeting hosted by Lu Farrish. That’s where I first met Karla.

So the meeting of Karla Turner was a significant turning point and  doubled as a Godsend – for the timing of it all also began to wake me up to alien manipulation and how far it extends into the human realm as well.  At the time both Karla and I were experiencing similar abduction scenarios with similar paranormal phenomenon. We both were receiving the same type of marks in close proximity of each other on our physical bodies . These were curiously alike and were only associated with the abductions.

I sincerely don’t think that I could of handled what I know now – without Karla’s intervention and her no nonsense approach to tackling these intruders agendas and exposing them for what they were. In the aftermath of her death – the research she began has (in a very exceptional and inspired directed way) influenced several people to come together to  continue different branches  of research in areas she had only began to scratch the surface with.  My meeting of close friends like Barbara Bartholic, as well as Eve Lorgen, friend Cassie and James Bartley is nothing short of miraculous and definitely guided from the beyond by an unseen hand – directed so specifically that the explanation of how we came together defies what most understand as reality!

At 4’11” tall, Karla was well equipped to handle the toughest criticism from her piers. She was a major instrument in bringing malevolent alien abduction into the forefront of abduction research.  She not only made those who were being abducted as credible people , she also made being an abductee a legitimate part of an enigma dealing with parts of UFO anomalous research. Beforehand, malevolent reptilian and mantis types of abduction, Military abductions (Known as MILABS), were Ufology seldom-talked about ‘little secrets’ that were considered too left field to be accepted as credible!  In the eyes of many Ufologists, abductees were flakes , they had nothing to do with unidentified flying objects and these were people with mental problems.  or were so far out in there that many would call us  ‘tinfoil hat people’– who channeled alien deities, claimed to be from the moon or Venus…etc,  and were simply not to be taken seriously at all.

I can tell you from my personal observation she was a firecracker of a researcher who  didn’t take no for an answer or allow criticism to shake her, if anything it only encouraged her (sometimes I wonder if it enraged her into) in doing deeper research.  Her personality sparkled and she was a sharp and very articulate speaker who’d earned her PhD in Old English Studies.  Abduction tore at the very fiber of her family;  furthermore she absolutely hated the damage it did to her and others!  Whether people liked Karla or not, she was very well respected.  As a university professor she was an accomplished author who wrote, ‘Into the Fringe’, ‘Taken’, and ‘Masquerade of Angels’ – all books that are recommended reading if you can get copies. They are treasure chests of knowledge and are hard to find.

She said to me once, “Colleen, thanks for your friendship. Lets break through the illusions and tell the truth to the whole world!”  The creation of MAAR website and my continuing outspoken views on stripping illusions to get down to the bottom of alien agenda and why are they abducting us is based on what I began to learn over a decade ago from Karla.   MAAR wouldn’t exist today if Karla hadn’t touched my life…. and teaching me a simple truth to fight for conscious recollection and find out what’s behind those fluffy screen memories. As a result Barbara Bartholic has become a very good friend, who’s gentle prodding has made me continue the dark side of this enigma.

Karla is still my hero and I’m grateful that in a moment of time – she was there with plausible answers that helped me to feel that I was not insane.  She unknowingly  helped to save my life at a very critical point in my own abduction experiences and some of the pathways my discovery led me into. By the time I could contact her (late November 1995) to let her know about the changes that she had privately encouraged me to make – she was already beginning to face the path of death and she was too ill to speak. On January 9, 1996, a very aggressive form of breast cancer ravished her small frame and cut her life short.  It took her so quickly, that from diagnosis in the spring of 1995,  in within a few short months she was gone. I understand that she died peacefully at home among her family members and those who loved her.

I hope to  honor her memory in my continuance to uncover malevolent alien agenda’s, to expose the utter hell that abductees really experience in their lives and be brave enough to stand against our captors -as well as the all too human debunkers and cultists to write about them for what they are. She really didn’t know what a profound effect she had  and how many others she’s touched by her compassion and her ability to stand up and say what she thought.

In the coming months my goal  is to help to keep her memory alive. Because of Disability, it will be slow coming, but it will get there!  Below, you’ll find articles as I uncover more -they will be placed on this site.  I wish all could have met her.  She was  discovering something very critical within the alien abduction agenda and those of us who knew her knew her life’s end was cut very short – if not intentionally! If you have articles about Karla, or you have articles that are not listed  below, please email me with the information. Soon I will have a tribute to my “soul sister” Barbara Bartholic.


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