The Aliens Use of OPSEC

By James Bartley

Aliens are obsessive practitioners of OPSEC or Operational Security. OPSEC is a term used by the Military-Intelligence community to denote a mode of operating which ensures that secrecy is maintained prior to, during and after a particular mission. Continued adherence to OPSEC reduces the risk of compromising ongoing operations, which can last for years.

To ensure OPSEC, military planners allow only those personnel with an absolute “NEED TO KNOW” access to information relating to an upcoming operation. Operatives or teams conducting the missions are given just enough information to allow them to successfully accomplish their missions. The idea behind this is that the less the operatives know about the overall purpose of the mission, the less they will be able to reveal under interrogation. Likewise the team is kept ignorant about the exact nature of the network that may be supporting them in a particular country. All they need to know is that the network exists and is there to help them.

Keep all of this in mind when you consider how the Aliens conduct their operations. The only person who doesn’t have a “Need to Know” about the true nature of Alien Abductions is the human who is undergoing the abduction experiences. Most abduction experiences occur at night when the human is asleep. The Aliens, very often the “Grays” prefer to keep the abductee in the Sleep State if possible. They will manipulate the dream state of the abductee to make him or her believe that the physical sensations they are feeling are due to the dreams they are having. For example, in order to account for the physical sensations of being rolled over during a medical examination, the grays may impose a dream into the Mind of the abductee that involves him or her playing with children or with pets.

If an abductee happens to regain consciousness during a medical procedure, he or she may become terrified and begin resisting. Often times a Gray may place its hands on the forehead of the frightened abductee and the abductee will subsequently experience a sensation of peacefulness and tranquility. He or she may then slip into another externally imposed “dream.”

It must be understood that most of the perceptions and memories that abductees manage to bring back home are Alien Contrived. The late great Dr. Karla “Kandy” Turner pointed out that aliens routinely manipulate our perceptions via Virtual Reality Scenarios and impose Operational Screen Memories so that we cannot accurately describe what has really happened to us. Only a small percentage of abductees are able to retain any degree of conscious awareness during abduction experiences. COUNTLESS humans are completely oblivious to the fact that they have even had abduction experiences. Such is the effectiveness of the OPSEC that the Aliens utilize on humans. Aliens routinely use post-hypnotic suggestions upon abductees during and after the medical procedures. They tell them “you are just having a dream. You won’t remember any of this.”

Abductees who aren’t completely unconscious during abduction experiences have been described by other abductees as being in a “Zombie” like state. I have found myself in abduction experiences where my field of vision was severely diminished. I would only be able to see within a several foot radius. Anything beyond that radius was out of sight and out of mind.

I have seen DOZENS of comatose naked men, women and children laid out on tables during an abduction experience. Doubtless at least some of them think of themselves as “Contactees” and will place a positive spin upon the alien abduction syndrome.

That’s because Alien OPSEC has a two tiered approach. First is the imposition of unconsciousness and for those who have a semblance of conscious awareness, virtual reality scenarios and screen memories. When the abductee wakes up in the morning he or she may have fragmented memories of an unusual “dream” which quickly fades from conscious memory. If the abductee tries hard to remember the “dream” than pre-installed trigger mechanisms such as Libido Activation may occur which promptly compels the abductee to forget about the “dream.”

Conversely if the abductee is to be used as a Propagandist, then he or she may be left with a pleasant operational screen memory which has nothing to do with reality. Or they may be allowed to remember indoctrination scenarios where they are shown images of global ecological catastrophe or nuclear war. If they feel an abductee is likely to remember any part of the experience, then they ensure that the abductee only remembers what they want them to remember.

Either way, Operational Security or OPSEC is maintained. On the one hand, there are the abductees who only remember fragments of odd dreams. Often as not they will remember absolutely nothing. And on the other hand are those who are left with pleasant memories and who become propagandist and apologist for the aliens within the UFO Community where truth seekers go to seek answers about their own abduction experiences.


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