Synopsis of MILABS – A Pandora’s Box

By Eve Lorgen, MA

Milabs have been commonly misunderstood by Ufologists, and because of this, milab abductees are often dubbed “The Black Sheep of Ufology”. An expanded definition of milabs is presented to include elements of mind control and black ops involvement. Formerly, milabs were generally believed to define alien abductees being re-abducted by secret government/military for purposes of interrogation regarding their alien encounters or for covert experimentation, but this is only the tip of the iceberg, in my opinion. Cases of supersoldiers and other milabs who have had some form of alien/ET interactions are examined.

Due to the high strangeness of many milab reports and the lingering question of mind control (and the reprisals for whistle blowing), makes investigations a labyrinthine effort full of suspicion, obstacles and booby traps– a real, cloak and dagger X-Files drama that includes elements of the occult, secret agencies and aliens. Researchers and scientific minded folks may delete surrounding anomalies within the milab experience, as an effort to “stick to the facts” but this rigidity is creating a gate keeping effect in the UFO community. The human element of profound experience should not be minimized here, nor its social effects of change and transformation.

My approach is to tackle the milab arena with a multifaceted inquiry, which includes the often overlooked elements of anomalous trauma, amnesia, spiritual warfare, bloodlines and occult secret societies associated with some alien factions. Perceptual barriers are appraised so that lucidity can offer a clearer picture of what the milab experiencer is apprehending. With milab experiences we are entering a reality and technology that exceeds the average persons’ ability to even perceive. Science and spirituality must merge in such a way, to effectively recognize and understand the milab experience.

The interview with Lilu delves into taboo elements and explores fringe elements of her overall “milab” experience. I believe the milab experience is key to discovering the possible connections between some aliens, the shadow government, Illuminati bloodline cult families and MK-Ultra projects to create supersoldiers, spies and “agents” both male and female. Newer generation supersoldiers and milabs are speculated to be more resilient and have a greater degree of superhuman or even “alien” abilities. This is somewhat disturbing material and alludes to what alien agendas may lie ahead for 2012 and beyond.


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