Secret Project Milab, Dan Doe Speaks about ET’s, Military and Mind Control

Dan Doe, an ex black-project milab soldier, spoke out on Truth Brigade Radio in April and May of 2010. Although it’s been two years since the interview, I found his information engaging and truthful.  His testimony correlates with many of my own findings of milabs, and he also tells what each person born into a mind control/milab project can do to attain their own freedom.

He talks about how the ET’s such as the grey “ebens”, tall whites and many other ET races, highly prize  and regularly trade our human genetic material. He admitted that there are numerous ET races visiting us, mostly for merchant commerce. Dan also stated that there are currently various ET factions in conflict with one another and at times with our own secret military. They have a special interest in what he calls the metagene factor.  This is what other survivors such as Duncan O Finoian have described, such as the supernatural abilities that are often found in Celtic and Cherokee ancestral backgrounds. Dan mentioned a project named “Yellowfruit”. The military handlers and controllers working in projects such as those like Project Talent can assess who has been “augmented”. This refers to genetic augmentation. These individuals, often milabs, Mics and star childs, are nicknamed “augmentees”, hybrids or hubrids.

Dan’s emphasis is on re-discovering that we do indeed have free will choice. If we want to become free of this kind of control and manipulation, we need to pray, ask for protection, and especially, seek love. This may sound simplistic to many, but if you listen to his testimony you can get an idea of how much this guy really knows.

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